GK Films Planning Tomb Raider Reboot

Just a few months ago, video game developer Crystal Dynamics announced that they would be rebooting the Tomb Raider franchise with a new self-titled game that would feature a younger version of Lara Croft. Now it looks like the movie franchise is going to follow suit, although it’s not immediately clear how closely connected it will be to the new game. GK Films (The Town, The Tourist) has acquired the feature film rights to Tomb Raider, and they are aiming to have a new movie ready by 2013. But can it possibly be as successful as the original 2001 film starring Angelina Jolie, which made $274 million worldwide?

It was being reported a couple of years ago that Warner Brothers wanted to set up a Tomb Raider reboot, as the rights had reverted back to Eidos after Paramount decided not to renew them. There is no mention of them in the press release, but GK has teamed up with Warner Brothers in the past. The new movie will be produced by Graham King (The Departed) and Tim Headington.

Details are still fairly slim, but it seems that they are going with a younger version of Lara Croft, which means that there will have to be a new actress in the lead role. It will be interesting to see how much the success of the previous films were based on the draw of Angelina Jolie, as they certainly played a large part in her own transition to becoming an A-list star.

I do think that there will always be a market for Indiana Jones-inspired action/adventure franchises, and this could also build on the hype around David O. Russell’s Uncharted movie. But I think a lot of it really will depend on who they cast as Lara Croft. Are you excited about a new Tomb Raider movie? Who would you like to see play Lara Croft?

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  • patrik

    nice.. I assume they´re looking for younger actresses, otherwise Kate Beckinsale would be the obvious choice.. I would love Summer Glau or Olivia Wilde or if they´re going with a super reboot they could go with Chloé Moretz and build a franchise around her. But saying all that, it´ll be Scarlett Johansson.

  • kyri

    I loved the original game, the first one was epic! one of the best games ever made. it gave my sega Saturn a value.i bought a playstation for that shit!
    but the latest games weren’t all that great and the movies failed to capture the atmosphere of the game nor they created something worth revisiting as standalone films. so I don’t see the point on rebooting this frnchz… unless they use a really hot chick of course.