Chuck Palahniuk’s Snuff Gets a Bizarre Cast

David Fincher’s Fight Club catapulted Chuck Palahniuk to fame, and since then very few of his books have been published without also getting optioned as a possible film adaptation. Strangely, only one other Palahniuk book has actually made it to the big screen thus far, and Clark Gregg’s middling take on Choke proved that the success of Fight Club was due to a lot more than just the source material. While Survivor, Haunted and Invisible Monsters all appear to be stuck in development hell, we are now starting to see some movement on one of Palahniuk’s more recent novels, Snuff. A director is attached, a script has been written, and now a number of actors have signed on including Darryl Hannah, Thora Birch, and Tom Sizemore. Yes, that’s right… Tom Sizemore.

According to Palahniuk fan site The Cult, Darryl Hannah will take on the role of Cassie Wright, an aging porn queen who attempts to end her career on a high note by breaking the record for biggest gang bang on screen. She plans to have sex with 600 men in one day, with Mr. 600 being played by Tom Sizemore. Thora Birch will supposedly play her production assistant Sheila.

While these casting choices could potentially be brilliant, the movie is being helmed by another virtual unknown who doesn’t have a ton of experience under his belt. Up to this point, Fabien Martorell’s only credits include a short film and a documentary called Tromatized: Meet Lloyd Kaufman. Will he be able to create something inspired? I certainly have my doubts, but since I haven’t actually read the book, I won’t be all that upset if we just end up with another subpar Palahniuk flick. What are your thoughts on the cast and director of Snuff?

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  • Juan

    If Tom Sizemore is in the movie, i’ll see it

  • Fatbologna

    This seems like something that’ll end up an unrated straight to DVD release. The book was really interesting but pretty graphic so I don’t see how they could pull this off theatrically with anything other than an NC-17. The caliber of actors and director lead me to believe this couldn’t go any other way.

    They should probably just stop trying to do Palahniuk in film. His stuff isn’t really plot or character driven and more just a way for him to comment on shit through narrative.

  • Jonny Ashley
  • Gil

    If Tom Sizemore is in it, then it’ll probably be shit.

  • Werner

    John Cameron Mitchell should direct this.