Zombies Ate My Neighbors Movie in the Works

At this point it’s been pretty well established that anything even remotely zombie-related will sell to hordes of fans, and with the recent success of The Walking Dead on AMC, it doesn’t seem like the undead are going away anytime soon. So to say that we’ve caught wind of yet another new zombie flick in development isn’t particularly surprising, in and of itself. What is pretty surprising, however, is the source material that this particular project will be drawing from. Anyone who owned a Super Nintendo or Sega Genesis in the early ’90s might be familiar with a little game called Zombies Ate My Neighbors. If all goes according to plan, it looks like this cult classic video game might be getting a big screen adaptation some 18 years after its release!

Zombies Ate My Neighbors was developed by Lucasarts and revolved around two teenagers named Zeke and Julie who find their hometown overrun with zombies and various other ghastly creatures. They must use whatever homemade weapons they can find to defeat them and help rescue their neighbours. The game drew inspiration from ’60s B-movies and had a very tongue-in-cheek sense of humour, so it makes sense, then, that the movie will also be a horror-comedy of sorts.

A script has been written by John Darko (5 Ways to Split Apart the Day), but there is no director or cast attached as of yet. Actually, it sounds like the movie is still in the very early stages of production, as they have yet to fully secure the rights and are still in search of funding. I actually don’t know that this could end up being anything more than just another generic zombie comedy, but at the very least this serves as a reminder that I really need to download the game on the Wii Virtual Console and take it for another spin. Are you interested in a Zombies Ate My Neighbors movie, or are you all zombied out?

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  • “Walking Dead” is on AMC, not Showtime. Just sayin’.

  • Damnit I always make that mistake. Fixed it… thanks.

  • Captain N

    Never played this game. If this is a hit, perhaps we can look forward to other retro (can we refer to the SNES and Genesis as retro yet?) games can get remade. Bubsy? Joe and Mac? Aero the Acrobat? Maybe even Rocket Knight as a Dreamworks animation?

  • Hey, there was all that talk of the Joust movie, and this makes much more sense with the popularity of the genre.

  • I loved this game on my Sega Genesis back in the day! It’d be best if they include the weirder aspects of the game like giant babies for enemies and the doors that end each level (which I’m pretty sure were the inspiration for the end of Scott Pilgrim).

  • Duke Togo

    Hmm.. will this be a Lecasfilm movie? Possibly directed by Jorge Lucas?

  • Rob

    so can someone leak a short trailor or sumthin? wheres the teasers? ive been hearin bout this movie for awhile yet cant find anything on it! im a big fan an want to see this movie done right! i think it will be a great comedy horror!

  • caleb w

    i love that theyre making this movie. but heres what id like to see- they say itll be a cross of John Hughes meets Judd Apatow meets George A. Romero, id replace the judd apatow influence with a Sam Raimi influence, the guy who did the “groovy” evil dead movies and army of darkness. having that frantic, unhinged and tongue-in-cheek atmosphere will do the game justice