Lazy Teenage Superheroes: An FX-Heavy Short Film Made for $300

Over the past few years, we’ve been seeing an increasing number of independently produced movies that are able to compete with Hollywood blockbusters at a fraction of the cost — or at least, that’s the underdog story that the media likes to tell. The truth is, the price of high quality filmmaking equipment has come down to a level where just about anyone can afford it, but the talent isn’t always there to back it up. Just look at the endless number of forgettable fan films that have been unleashed on the web. Sure, it’s impressive what some of these people can do with no money and no experience, but you’re fooling yourself if you think they are ready for prime time.

Enter Lazy Teenage Superheroes, a new short film by Michael Ashton, a visual effects guy who has worked on such Hollywood films as Swing Vote and Soul Surfer. The short was reportedly made for just $300, and it is chock full of superpowered fights and eye-popping action sequences. While some people are saying that the acting, writing and special effects are already better than Kick-Ass, Heroes, No Heroics and the many other movies and TV shows that it clearly draws inspiration from, I wouldn’t go quite that far. Still, I won’t deny that it’s fun to see what they’ve done with such a limited budget, and hey, at least it’s relatively original as opposed to a cheesy fan film. Of course, now that this thing has become a massive hit on YouTube, how long will it be before a studio steps in and asks Ashton to do a feature-length version? Watch Lazy Teenage Superheroes after the jump and see what you think.

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  • Derek

    Very impressive, for 300 bones.

  • Colin

    I’m going to channel Jay on this one and point out that the acting is fucking brutal… but the effects are sort of neat.

  • Alan

    the effects really arent that good

    this looks like it was made by a guy who watched andrew kramer tutorials

  • kyri


    one more reason to hate Kick-ass

  • kyri

    But One can at least appreciate their effort, I guess.

    (you never know they might be goggling themselves and reading us right now!!)

  • Matt

    @Colin of course the acting is brutal, it’s a short film made for $300.

    It would be cool to see this turned into a web series.

  • berserker01

    It’s $300 if somebody already owned all the tech, and no one got paid for their time.
    Still, I love that people can express their creativity this way.
    How much does it cost to make Film Junk every week? Two plus hours of premium entertainment on a weekly basis. God bless the internet.

  • Pres Mony

    Love to watch this on your site but your lysol ads…seriously…

  • HerlyGirl

    Not bad, but I agree the acting sucks, but I didn’t really expect much anyways. It really is amazing how far technology has come for someone to be able to make something like this on $300. The special effects were cool, but I’d say that’s all the movie had going for it, the script, characters and acting all pretty much sucked.