Quentin Tarantino’s Top 20 Films of 2010

Before we get too far away from 2010, we’ve got one more “Best Of” list to throw on the pile. This one isn’t from a film critic, but rather one of the greatest directors working today… Mr. Quentin Tarantino. Most years he usually puts out a list of his favourite movies, and this time around the folks over at The Quentin Tarantino Archives got a hold of his Top 20 Films of 2010. (Also worth checking out: his Top 20 Spaghetti Westerns of All-Time and his Top 20 Grindhouse Flicks of All-Time.)

While in the past he has usually included some pretty surprising and/or obscure choices on his yearly lists, this time around he ended up naming a lot of the same movies that everyone else did. One of the few unexpected picks was Knight and Day starring Tom Cruise and Cameron Diaz, while the only film I hadn’t really heard of was Hélène Cattet and Bruno Forzani’s Amer. Other than that, it all looks pretty familiar, except… where’s Inception? Check out Tarantino’s full list after the jump and see what you think.

1. Toy Story 3
2. The Social Network
3. Animal Kingdom
4. I Am Love
5. Tangled
6. True Grit
7. The Town
8. Greenberg
9. Cyrus
10. Enter the Void
11. Kick-Ass
12. Knight and Day
13. Get Him to the Greek
14. The Fighter
15. The King’s Speech
16. The Kids Are All Right
17. How to Train Your Dragon
18. Robin Hood
19. Amer
20. Jackass 3-D

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  • conspiracy theory begins NOW!: Fact, QT has gone out of his way to state he feels Paul Thomas Anderson is the contemporary he feels is his peer and the one writer/director that challenges him to up his game. He talked about this while describing There Will Be Blood.

    QT leaving Inception off this list is a SLAP DOWN rapper style!! I’M TALKING BIGGIE VS. TUPAC LEVELS HERE PEOPLE!! QT VS NOLAN!!! ITS ON, LIKE DONKEY KONG!!!

  • HE WANTS A PIECE OF Aronofsky TOO!!!

  • Niklas

    or maybe he just didn’t like it?

  • this list will be outed as fake in no time – to many weird entries and omissions

  • Ryan Marlow

    Black Swan couldn’t even make his top twenty!?

  • Mark In Ottawa

    2.6.7 – yes.

    A little disappointing the latest Miley Cyrus film wasn’t on this one.

    “Lists are like assholes – Everybody has them” –
    Rocco the Mute

  • av

    So inception and Black swan couldn`t get into his top 20 of a single year while they are actually the 2 best movies of the year? Or is it QT going full of himself cause Nolan and Aronofsky are the considered as the most interesting directors to watch along with Paul Thomas Anderson?
    Some of the movies mentioned are among the most dissapointing this year. Robin Hood? Seriously? That`s probably the only list of best of it would be in.

  • Some people have also pointed out that Sofia Coppola’s Somewhere is not on this list, despite winning the Golden Lion at the Venice Film Festival. Tarantino was the jury president and was accused of favoritism at the time.

  • bilbo

    IMO Inception wasn’t as impressive as everyone made it out to be. It worked better from a screenplay standpoint than an actual film if that makes sense.

  • Idontknowwhattowrite

    no little fockers?, WTF!!!

  • Henrik

    Toy Story 3… Tarantino is the man, but if this is really his list for this year, I am pretty disappointed, tons of terrible movies.

    But last year he made a video didn’t he? I need some more Tarantino vids

  • If I remember correctly the video was for his top movies of the decade. But I agree, he should definitely do one every year.

  • Darksiders

    SOMEWHERE is not on the list because it is complete crap.

    Also, I am surprised no one mentioned that TANGLED is his #5 pick.

  • Fatbologna

    Tarantino’s a weird dude. A few odd choices and exceptions are to be expected. I didn’t really agree with a lot of the stuff he put on his best of decade list either. I totally jive with his 60s-70s tastes and love hearing him talk classic films but not so much his modern preferences.

  • one

    FUCK Taratino’s & his bullshit list.

  • ScottHK

    Weird, a lot of animation picks… maybe this will be Tarantino’s his next move.

    Toy Story 4…from the creator of Inglorious Basterds.

    The japanese mansion in inception was such a ripoff of kill bill maybe it peed him off. otherwise would seem right up his alley, tarantino films have pretty clean endings which I think both black swan & inception would have done better with. Leo should have woke up either at home in bed or else in a testtube in the matrix world.

  • Rob

    Maybe the Japanese mansion looked similar because that’s what Japanese mansions look like? Just a thought.

    Not really sure how Cyrus is on this list either I saw it and it was better than I expected and that’s not saying much! Although I suppose comedy is the most subjective imo

    Knight and Day was panned much like Robin Hood and isn’t The Fighter one of gregs crappy wrestling star films? Or is it the flick with wahlberg.

  • Juan Carlos

    Knight and Day one of the best film of 2010?

  • There is of course a slim chance that he hasn’t actually seen Black Swan… although, on the evidence of this list it doesn’t seem that likely as it looks like he goes to see everything.
    Picks like Knight and Day may smack a little of deliberate acts of contrariness, but could be honest – if idiosyncratic – favourites. Skyline, for example, is in my top 20. I don’t know, he’s a weird guy though.

  • No mention of The Tourist? The asshole…

  • mark

    He regrets leaving somewhere off his list I guess…


    It seems like he just grabbed this list out of his ass last moment, but it does seem odd he would leave out black swan and inception… not that he HAS to like those movies… but ‘knight and day’?? I thought ‘how to train your dragon’ sucked pretty bad too.

  • Werner

    who’s afraid of QT’s list?

  • Werner

    HARRY KNOWLES’ (the other movie guru….) list:


    10: The Last Circus
    09: Sound of Noise
    08: The Fighter
    07: A Serbian Film
    06: Bedevilled
    05: Never Let Me Go
    04: The Social Network
    03: Black Swan
    02: True Grit

  • Andrew

    QT dated Sofia Coppola so maybe that has something to do with Somewhere not on the list somewhere… And the fact that he left inception off because he is dissing Nolan is probably true. He talked about the best directors and said PTA and Fincher and the Coens but said nothing of Nolan. But I want to know how he left Scott Pilgrim off because Edgar Wright is QT’s boy. Wright actually had the film screened for QT and a couple of other directors and supposedly QT flipped for it. I mean QT did a special commentary track for Hot Fuzz. So it’s either a bullshit list or QT is saying a lot by just putting titles on and off his list

  • “just die already” -paul dano in knight and day

  • What an awful list.

  • Lee

    There’s an interview on Charlie Rose around Pulp Fiction were Tarantino said he thinks there’s an umbilical cord between the screen and the audience and if the story gets so confusing then the audience gets taken out of the movie and the cord gets cut. I think you can watch it on Youtube, around 94/95 when Pulp Fiction came out.

    That sounds like a reason to leave Inception and Black Swan out.

  • Strand0410

    Some really weird things up there. But then again, Tarantino’s not a regular joe, dude has some seriously odd taste.

  • Slater


  • Foo

    Inception was such an over hyped failure. I’m glad both these guys agree with me. Waking Life is all everything Inception should have been… and more. Talk about an awesome cinematic concept ruined for a few years to come.

  • J

    How dare QT form his own opinions on what he likes and doesn’t like without regard to the rantings of the Art-House/Film School snobs.