Weekly Poll Results: Best Boxing Movie

Last week’s poll could possibly be one of the most predictable polls we have ever done, and although Rocky was always going to be the clear winner, I was somewhat curious to see whether or not Raging Bull might also “go the distance”, so to speak. As it turns out, Rocky received nearly 50% of the votes while Raging Bull was at 35%… close, but not close enough. This left just 15% of the votes to be divided among the rest of the choices. Million Dollar Baby was a distant third, followed by the documentary When We Were Kings. Cinderella Man and On the Waterfront tied for the fifth spot. Perhaps a better question would have been, what is the best Rocky movie?

1. Rocky — 47.1%
2. Raging Bull — 34.9%
3. Million Dollar Baby — 5.8%
4. When We Were Kings — 3%
5. Cinderella Man — 2.5%
5. On the Waterfront — 2.5%
7. Ali — 1.9%
8. The Hurricane — 1.1%
9. The Set-Up — 0.6%
9. Somebody Up There Likes Me — 0.6%

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  • Space Bandito

    Tough question. I might need to watch them all again to decide.

    Someone who wrote it better than I could — “Which Rocky is the Real Champ?” ESPN’s Bill Simmons http://proxy.espn.go.com/espn/page2/story?page=simmons/011207

  • matty

    This poll made me start watching all the Rocky movies again… thanks FJ!

    Also, Rocky IV is the best.

  • Werner

    The first Rocky is the best Rocky. But I love the entire saga.

  • Mike

    i don’t understand how someone can vote for anything but Rocky or Raging Bull.

  • Ali for number 1.

  • Rocky IV has the best soundtrack/montages and the best villain, but Rocky Balboa has the best story and the original Rocky the most heart.

  • give the The Fighter a couple years, it will be up there

  • I like most of the Rocky’s for different reasons, but the first is the best. It’s an amazing movie. With Rocky and First Blood, Stallone could only go downhill. I must disclose that I haven’t seen the latest of either of those series, though.

  • Henry

    No Diggstown = travesty! I vote for a recount!

  • Brendan

    @Henry: Man, I haven’t seen Diggstown since it came out, but I still remember the great climax of the movie!
    Once again, I think Rocky got the edge due to pretty much everyone having seen it. I’m not saying it isn’t a great movie, just that more people have watched (and re-watched) Rocky and it’s sequels more than they’ve seen any other movie on the list. Plus, I’d say films like Raging Bull and Million Dollar Baby are more demanding of the viewer, a little more “drama-y” if I can make up a word. Rocky’s a feel-good, underdog movie that people identify with.