Weekly Poll Results: Best Gross Out Comedy

Last week we asked you guys to pick the best “gross out comedy”, and although Sacha Baron Cohen’s Borat was leading the poll for a little while, in the end this week’s winner was the original Jackass: The Movie. It’s only fitting I suppose, and it’s hard to dispute the fact that it is both revolting and hilarious. Borat still finished a close second, followed by Dumb and Dumber, Pink Flamingos, and There’s Something About Mary. (No real surprise seeing two Farrelly Brothers movies in the top 5.) Do you agree with these results? What other comedies have disgusted you, even if they weren’t all that funny?

1. Jackass: The Movie — 23.2%
2. Borat — 20.6%
3. Dumb and Dumber — 14.6%
4. Pink Flamingos — 9.9%
5. There’s Something About Mary — 9.4%
6. Animal House — 8.6%
7. Porky’s — 4.3%
7. Zack and Miri Make a Porno — 4.3%
9. American Pie — 3%
10. Scary Movie — 2.1%

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  • Werner

    “Freddie Got Fingered” makes me sick.