James Franco Set To Make The Adderall Diaries

James Franco has carved out an impressively varied career the past few years with films ranging from the Spider-Man series, Milk, and this year’s Howl – not to mention his stint on General Hospital. Now the young star has plans to branch out further as he’s acquired the rights to Stephen Elliot’s book The Adderall Diaries, which he plans on adapting into a film that he will direct and star. The memoir has been compared to In Cold Blood in that it focuses on a writer who overcomes writers-block by delving into a murder trial. The plotline is described by Deadline: “Elliot, blocked for two years, reports on the trial of Hans Reiser, a computer programmer charged with killing the wife he met through a Russian dating service. Fueled by Adderall…Elliott’s stream of consciousness prose veers into subjects that include his cruel father, Paris Hilton, and S&M.” It sounds like an intriguing premise and one that seems like a good fit for Franco.

With all the attention Franco has received (and will continue to receive) from his 127 Hours performance, combined with upcoming films like Rise of the Apes, he’ll be more in-demand than ever. His recent stint at NYU’s film program should serve him well for this latest endeavor. Franco has made some short films, one of which will screen at the Hamptons Film Festival next month. He’s also made a feature-length documentary on the behind-the-scenes of Saturday Night Live, entitled Saturday Night, which has been picked up for distribution recently. There’s no denying that Franco is staying busy right now and I’m curious to see what direction his career goes next.

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