The Virginity Hit Viral Marketing Billboards Cause Controversy

When the marketing campaign for your indie film manages to attract the attention of local politicians and news media, you know you’ve done something right. Cheeky billboards for the upcoming Will Ferrell / Adam McKay-produced comedy The Virginity Hit have reportedly been turning heads across the U.S., with many outraged citizens demanding that they be removed. (A similar controversy erupted over billboards for the Elisha Cuthbert horror flick Captivity a few years ago.) The billboards in question advertise a toll-free help line for losing your virginity, and when the phone number is called, a pre-recorded message from the cast members offers humourous advice before directing callers to the movie’s website. Pretty clever, right?

The movie is about a group of friends who try to help their shy buddy get laid while documenting the whole thing on camera. It’s written and directed by the same guys who wrote The Last Exorcism. We posted the trailer a while back and it didn’t seem to impress, but I am still curious to see how the first-person camera style can be applied to a teen sex comedy. Hey, it did wonders for porn.

The so-called virgin help line has supposedly been called 70,000 times over the past five days, which definitely sounds like it’s helping raise awareness of the film while simultaneously disappointing more than a few desperate souls out there. What do you think, are these billboards inappropriate or inspired? And more importantly, will they help secure the film an audience when it hits theatres on September 10th?

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  • Gil

    I think they’re awesome! I’ll pass this poster on to a friend.

  • The ad campaign can be just as obnoxius as it wants, but it still won’t make the movie funny.

  • Exidor

    I thought it was pretty funny, but there was no option for my status.

  • Nowhere near as inappropriate as the Captivity campaign, but people will always find something to complain about.