Facebook Movie Inspires a Possible Google Movie

As if people didn’t hate Facebook enough as it is, now we’ve got another thing we can hold against it. Apparently all the positive buzz surrounding Sony and David Fincher’s upcoming Facebook movie The Social Network has inspired other studios to seek out similar tech industry success stories. Deadline New York reports that Groundswell Productions (Milk, The Informant!) have acquired the rights to Googled: The End of the World As We Know It, the story of the founding of the world’s most popular search engine. Something tells me that this doesn’t have nearly as much potential as the Facebook story, but maybe I’ll be proven wrong.

Google was created by Stanford Ph.D students Sergey Brin and Larry Page, and while there isn’t the Harvard party scene or a polarizing personality like Mark Zuckerberg at the center of the story, the company did encounter some growing pains as it quickly took over the web. The angle they are coming at this from seems to be an exploration of Google’s famous motto, “Don’t be evil”, and whether or not it is possible to uphold when you become one of the most powerful companies in the world.

Hopefully the producers realize that the reason The Social Network is overcoming people’s biases against a potentially dull story is the fact that Aaron Sorkin wrote the script, David Fincher is directing, and the casting is spot on. They’re going to need some serious talent if they want to turn the Google story into compelling movie with mainstream appeal. As it is, I’m somewhat interested, but not convinced this needs to be anything more than a made-for-TV movie a la Pirates of Silicon Valley. Thoughts?

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  • Darksiders

    DAVID FINCHER – The only reason why people care about the facebook movie.

    F a google movie.

  • @Darksiders don’t be ridiculous.

    The facebook movie has a genuinely interesting backstory. Google is not quite so exciting.

  • Darksiders

    So, you are saying you would still see the Facebook movie even if it was directed by…say…Uwe Bol? I think not.

  • Darksiders

    The fact is – a story can be compelling – but that compelling story in the hands of a different person handling it can make that compelling story extremely uninteresting.

  • Werner

    I now want Uwe Boll doing this :)


    here, I’ll start the script:

    LOCATION: Frozen lake in desolate life-challenged Canada. Suddenly a naked babies arm and head bursts through the icy shell.

    CUT TO: Its not a baby at all, but a hairless man: SEAN DRYER

    (blood curdling scream)
    I will twist the internet to my favor!!!

  • “The Keyboard Cat wants more money!”


    I forget if you guys ran this or not, but it’s a Social Network spoof about YouTube. There’s also another one about MySpace that isn’t as good called “The Other Social Network”. You don’t get to 12 million friends without accepting 11 million spambots…

  • Steve

    I think a Google movie has the potential to be better than Facebook. Facebook’s inception was about a bunch of douchey frat boys and greed while Google’s is a lot more noble. While Facebook’s still doing the same thing, Google’s turned into one of the biggest players in gadgets and technology, now challenging Microsoft and Apple despite having a very benevolent corporate culture.

    Gmail, Google Search, Youtube, Voice, etc these are amazing innovations that we as consumers haven’t had to pay a cent for. I’d love to hear the story behind them.

  • Maopheus

    I doubt the Facebook movie would have been made by Uwe Bol for example. I think only Fincher could have sold the cinematic potential of the story. I mean it probably had some potential but it took a guy like Fincher to make it sellable. I mean on the face of it, a movie about the creation of a website sounds kind of lame. I wonder whether it’s necessary to dramatize the story when a good docu-drama could do the same trick.