The Winning Season Trailer Starring Sam Rockwell

Sam Rockwell has done some pretty great work over the past decade, often comfortably occupying that undefined space somewhere between comedy and drama. I vaguely remember hearing that he had starred in a sports comedy called The Winning Season recently, but when it premiered at Sundance last year I think it must have been somewhat overshadowed by that other great Rockwell performance in Duncan Jones’ Moon. Now the movie is finally getting a theatrical release from Lionsgate and the first trailer has arrived online, although after watching it I can’t say I’m sold.

For all intents and purposes, this looks like a very typical feel good comedy about a washed up coach taking over a high school girls basketball team full of misfits and underdogs. However, the fact that Rockwell is in it, and the fact that it is written and directed by James Strouse (Grace Is Gone, Lonesome Jim) would seem to indicate that there is a little more to it than that. The cast also includes Emma Roberts, Rob Corddry, Rooney Mara, and Shareeka Epps, who previously starred in Half-Nelson, but I still suspect it will be closer to Kicking and Screaming than that film. The release date is TBA, but check out the trailer after the jump and see what you think.

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  • Incredibly disappointing. I’m a huge Rockwell fan; especially after Moon. But this falls flat; the jokes are poor, visuals are conventional and it looks like it was shot on a mobile phone.

    Maybe that is just the trailer. The stupid high-school text and annoying voice-over makes this look terrible. Rather than an effective feel good indie: something like Whip It.

  • Xidor

    I am also a Rockwell fan and I agree that this movie looks uninteresting. I would not normally go see a film like this, but I am willing to see it because he has made good choices with films in the past, so I am giving him the benefit of doubt.

  • Xidor

    The more I think about this movie, I am thinking it could be the next Thelma and Louise as far as female inspiration and struggles are concerned. Hopefully the whole basketball team doesn’t drive off a cliff in a school bus at the end. That could be sad to some people.

  • Omey

    I saw the film at sundance, i does not disappoint. sam is great, his character really has a lovely arc, by figuring out how to deal with the girls on the team and to have a real and meaningful relationship with his own daughter.

    don’t poo poo that, lots of dad’s suck, he’s just trying to be cool and this movie does a great job of showing how difficult that process can be.

    that said, the trailer is crap

  • Sam Rockwell and Rob Cordry is always awesome, but this looks really boring. Cordry also seems to play is ordinary character, which is a huge bummer. But Emma Roberts has been growing up nicely.

  • Lulu

    also saw it at Sundance…really original take on a ordinary category (underdogs make good and all that).
    This is funny, sweet, a little twisted and, above all, has an amazing (yet again!) performance from Sam Rockwell.