Transformers 3 Set Video: Michael Bay Blows Up Chicago!

Transformers 3 has been shooting on location in Chicago over the past week or so, and as you might expect, they’ve turned part of the city into a battleground. There have been plenty of pictures and videos popping up around the web (including some over at Just Jared, Screen Rant and the Chicago Tribune), but we just got our hands on a pretty cool video of our own. Rus in Chicago sent us this behind-the-scenes video that was shot by his friend Greg from the window of an office building high above the set.

If you’ve ever wondered what a Michael Bay movie set looks like from overhead, this will definitely satisfy your curiosity. For all I know, you can probably see the explosions from space. The short scene involves a small group of soldiers walking through the street followed by Bumblebee driving through the chaos. I guess there may be some minor spoilers here, but I don’t know… at this point, can you really spoil a Transformers flick? Check out the video after the jump and bask in the predictable insanity of Michael Bay’s handiwork.

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  • as an aside, there has been photos of NASCAR’s involvement in the next film were the cars transform into transformers. The Chicago shoot was at the same time as the stock car race at Chicagoland Speedway in Joliet, coincidence? I would not be surprised if some second unit stuff was shot at the race with the film production coming back in August to film actual characters at the track.

  • Steve

    Could this have made me any less interested in this movie? A Transformers battle in a city you say? Aka pretty much what happened in the last 2 movies. This could have been pulled from the special features of Movie 1 and I couldn’t tell the difference.

  • Henrik

    Yeah that’s totally true, but the video is cool anyway.

  • pcch7

    No leather jacket?

  • This IS incredibly cool!
    Shows the brilliant structure and fluidity of everybody on set.

    Although doesn’t mean hte movie will be any good.

  • Brendan

    They shot in Milwaukee a couple weeks ago, most notably at the art museum, which is pretty visually distinctive:
    Milwaukee Art Museum
    Thankfully, I don’t think they wrecked it like they did in that Chicago video, though.

  • swarez

    I’d hate to be the clean up crew on that set.