Universal Hires New Writer for Bourne 4

After the departure of Paul Greengrass and Matt Damon from Universal’s Bourne franchise, everyone has questioned how the series will continue and in what form. Greengrass has moved on to other projects and Damon has openly stated that with Greengrass gone, he won’t be returning either. Universal does have one thing going for them, though. It seems they’ve just recruited screenwriter Tony Gilroy to pen the new film. Producer Frank Marshall made the announcement via Twitter.

This should inspire some hope for the project as Gilroy was the main screenwriter on the previous films and a driving force behind their success. He will be working from old drafts by Josh Zetumer and George Nolfi and forming his own story from there. Gilroy will also be writing what’s referred to as a “Bourne bible” which hints that Universal wants this series to continue for future installments after the fourth film. Currently known as The Bourne Legacy, there is still actually nothing known about the story or whether Damon can be convinced to return. If all goes well, the studio plans for a 2012 release.

Personally, I’d be fine if the project didn’t happen, although I’m not opposed to it either. I thought The Bourne Ultimatum wrapped things up nicely and made for a fitting end. Still, I’ll be curious as to what direction they’ll take the series (or whether it will even be a sequel or prequel). What are your thoughts on the new Bourne film? Who would you want to see star or direct, assuming Damon and Greengrass aren’t lured back by buckets of money?

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  • I agree with you that I’d be fine with this film not happening. It’s exciting that Gilroy is back, but to be honest it wasn’t the writing that made the ‘Bourne’ films so great. If Paul Greengrass and Matt Damon aren’t back I have very little hope for this.

  • teo

    I can see bourne turning into a kind of Bond-esque franchise…They just need to make some sort of transition so that each movie can stand on its own after this point. Probably wont happen though.

  • Mason

    Bourne was the story of a programmed agent/assassin who “woke up”, tried to escape his bosses, found he couldn’t escape, pursued his former bosses, got some revenge, learned about his true past, and found closure. It had a beginning, middle and an end. anything more will feel like a forced phony cash grab, especially if they have to recast Bourne.

  • Mike

    Does everyone forget that Greengrass didnt direct the Bourne Identity?

  • Eli

    I read the book a while back, it took place between identity and supremacy I think… maybe supremacy and ultimatum…

  • Eli

    Mason, you may not know but there were multiple Bourne books after the initial 3.

  • jamal phx

    ..i would like to see another bourne 4 cuz we saw that jason was a soldier but we dident saw what made him give it up and become an assassin.i feel like the story isnt finished and stil could be productive..but most important is greengrass took the last 2 bournes to a good strong hight and there aint no uther actor to play bourne better then matt damon ,so they both should come back