Brendan Fraser Not Returning for Journey to the Center of the Earth 2

Seeing as Journey to the Center of the Earth was complete garbage, I am puzzled as to why Brendan Fraser isn’t keen on returning for the planned sequel. Films that are mediocre or worse are kind of his thing within Hollyvitz. However, he has chosen to skip this one since the director of the first film, Eric Brevig, is unavailable for the sequel because of a schedule conflict with another movie he is attached to direct: Yogi Bear. Apparently it just isn’t worth taking a journey to the center of the earth without having Brevig at your side.

With Fraser gone, the movie will instead receive a rewrite and some restructuring for it to focus on the character of Sean Anderson (played by Bridge to Terabithia star Josh Hutcherson), the nephew of Fraser’s character Professor Trevor Anderson. The movie is aiming for a release in the fall of next year.

Journey to the Center of the Earth 2 has also received a new director in the form of Brad Peyton, who has directed the upcoming feature Cats & Dogs: The Revenge of Kitty Galore — this sounds very promising indeed. There’s a chance that Fraser could still return though, as this is basically the same stuff he went through with third Mummy flick, where he ultimately ended up reprising his role and the movie became a worldwide hit.

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  • Slushie Man

    The first was mindless popcorn-y fun and I still watch it from time to time when I just wanna turn my brain off and watch some fluff. Curious to see how this one will turn out.

  • Let’s hope he doesn’t return so he can focus on what we all really want to see, Furry Vengeance 2: Humanity Strikes Back.

  • Slushie Man

    Jamie, how do you get an avatar?

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  • Slushie Man

    Thanks Sean

  • Colin

    My father is going to be sad… he enjoyed the first movie quite a bit, and Brendan Fraser’s performance was a big part of it.

    Say what you will (and I do, oh god I do) about movies like this, but people enjoy pseudo-mindless popcorn movies with light action and snappy dialogue. It’s just too bad it’s going to be a much more kid-centric flick this time around rather than one for the whole family.

  • Luke

    Shame. Brendan Fraser was a very likeable character. It just won’t feel the same now. :(

  • illux

    I enjoyed the first movie & Brendan Fraser doing his thing. The 3D novelty was very new for me at the time and this sequel will definately need more 3D eye-candy if Frasers not starring.

    I hope they pay their artists properly this time around:

  • Matt

    You know who else is “Not Returning for Journey to the Center of the Earth 2″? The audience.