This Movie is Broken Trailer: Bruce McDonald’s Broken Social Scene Movie

I’ve been pretty curious about Bruce McDonald’s This Movie is Broken ever since it was first announced. The idea behind the film is definitely unique: it combines a fictional dramatic narrative with real live footage of the Canadian band Broken Social Scene. To make things even more interesting, the live footage was crowdsourced — in other words, they invited fans to submit their own videos of the band’s concerts for use in the film. The movie premiered at SXSW a couple of months ago, and now it looks like it will get a theatrical release (in Canada anyway) sometime this summer.

Bruce McDonald is certainly no stranger to oddball cinematic experiments, having directed such films as Hard Core Logo, The Tracey Fragments and Pontypool. I still really have no idea what to expect from this film, and I’m not even sure if it will appeal to anyone who isn’t a fan of the band. However, being that I do enjoy Broken Social Scene’s music a great deal, I am doubly excited. The movie stars Greg Calderone (Howie Do It) and Georgina Reilly (Pontypool), and apparently Stephen McHattie even shows up as a bouncer in the film as well. SWEET. This Movie is Broken will hit select theatres on June 25th; check out the trailer after the jump and see what you think.

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  • mrespony

    The trailer looks good, that poster gots to go.