Will Ferrell Pitches in Minor League Baseball Game as Venezuelan Rojo Johnson


You gotta love Will Ferrell for doing stuff like this. The actor made a special guest appearance at a minor league baseball game in Texas last week, not as a celebrity throwing out the first pitch, but rather as a fictional relief pitcher named Billy Ray “Rojo” Johnson for the Round Rock Express. He came into the game carrying a bag of beer cans, then threw out one pitch before being ejected for starting a brawl. I guess it’s no surprise since Rojo comes from a rough and tumble background, having just spent time in prison for the “illegal importation of countless species of reptiles, including various types of rare snakes, lizards, iguanas, turtles and galliwasps.”

The stunt was planned to raise awareness for a charity golf tournament, but am I the only one who would actually love to see more of this character in a movie at some point? I know Ferrell has kind of done just about every other sports comedy imaginable, but this has Major League reboot written all over it. If not that, then at least bring him in as a character for Eastbound & Down season 2! Read this hilarious news story about Rojo’s entry into the league, and check out the video of his brief appearance on the mound after the jump.

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