Open Forum Friday: Are Hidden Scenes After the Credits Cool or Just Annoying?


There is a trend that’s been catching on in Hollywood lately, particularly with comic book movies, where directors decide to hide a little bonus scene after the closing credits of a film. They’re known as “stingers”, and while they’re certainly nothing new, they’ve recently become almost expected and so commonplace that there is even a whole website dedicated to them. In some cases, they are scenes that take place after all of the credits have scrolled past, while in other cases they are simply outtakes or final scenes that take place during or lead into the credits. Now that people are starting to see Iron Man 2, reports are coming in that (surprise, surprise) once again there is a bonus scene after the credits. Is this really that exciting or is it starting to get out of hand?

I can understand that usually they are meant to be little easter eggs that reward dedicated fans or funny little secrets that you discover on DVD afterward, but it has gotten to a point now where sometimes these sequences reveal important plot points and are considered part of the film. Is it arrogant of a filmmaker to force us to sit through all the credits just to get the full experience? It can also cause confusion and frustration when everyone is walking out of a theatre and suddenly an extra scene pops back up on the screen causing people to stop and jockey for position to see what it is. With X-Men Origins: Wolverine they even tried (probably unsuccessfully) to get people to see the film multiple times with three different stinger endings. What are your thoughts on post-credit stingers? Are they worthwhile or just a nuisance? Are some better than others? Do you usually stay to watch the credits anyway? Give us your thoughts here on Open Forum Friday.

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  • Brendan

    I don’t mind them if they’re right at the start of the credits, but I’m not waiting around ’til they’re done anymore. The worst one I actually waited for was at the end of Pirates of the Caribbean 2. I was mad I actually stuck around for that turd.

  • Jonny Ashley

    I think it really helps if you go knowing that there is a bit at the end. I was pleasantly surprised with how much I liked Iron Man, and then when one of my friends mentioned at the end that there was a special bit after the credits, I was already in a pumped state of mind, and Sam Jackson as Nick Fury came down as just being awesome for me.

    Although now I’ve gotten a little bit antsy with other movies in the theater because I’m worried I’ gonna miss something if I don’t stay. Maybe Filmmakers should do a little bit of viral advertising that lets us know there will be something there, before they plug something in after the credits. Because I do think under the right circumstances it can be a nice cherry on the top of an already exciting movie-going experience.

  • KeithTalent

    I don’t mind them as I always stay through the credits anyway. I like to see the music tracks and the thank yous at the end of the film.

  • I don’t mind the ones that come on directly after the credits, but for a movie like Cop-Out where it came out a minute into the credits, I found very annoying. The ones that come on at the end of the credit usually aren’t worth it. I mean I guess the one at the end of Iron Man was okay, but the one Brendan just mention was pretty much a huge let down for me too.

  • Jurassicalien

    I don’t care, its a way to get the audience to sit down and see all the people that worked on the movie. Do they give a shit? Probably not, in fact I’d say not at all, but some may. So I really don’t care.

  • Nate

    I’m completely indifferent.

  • At times it can be a cool bonus, while at other times it can be a waste of time. It’s rare that I stick around to actually watch the after-credits scenes. The only time it felt like it even payed off, was with Iron Man. So mehh.

  • Werner

    I don’t mind. I always watch the end credits. I like reading the stuff and listening to more of the score. And when there is a “hidden” scene I gladly take that too.

  • I find it a bit annoying. In the case of the last Iron Man, it’s an important setup and should have just been included into the movie as a whole. I thought the Hulk did it right by having Tony Stark enter the bar as the final scene and not after the credits.

    Get the people out of the theater and sweep up so I can get a good seat, before the crowds build.

  • I’m with Werner on this one. I always stay for the credits. I like to sit and reflect on what I just saw.

    How come they never put scenes at the end of credits for movies other than blockbusters?

    I mean, wouldn’t it have been cool to see “Spoiler Alert” Daniel Day Lewis bowling over a dead body at the end of There Will Be Blood?

  • The Man

    Jay claims he hates after the credit shit but there is something after every filmjunk podcast.

  • I don’t edit or listen to the Film Junk podcast, so I am still in the clear.

  • The whole point of them is you only have to watch them if you want to. For me being a fan of Iron Man makes me want to stay after the credits and watch the bonus clip.

    But it’s not like they are forcing you to do anything.

  • Scotty

    I will always stay for the full credits to listen to the movie score and to read the animation + fx credits, plus it takes me time to adjust after a long film. For me the credits are a part of the movie.

    Personally the stingers are getting annoying. Instead of a ‘thank you’ at the end its more like a ‘screw you for thinking of leaving’. You should not have to worry if theres an extra bit at the end if you have to leave early during the credit roll.

    Depending on the theatre theres also other reasons to be disrupted during the credit roll: antsy staff looking to clean up because the theatres short staffed, or asshole projectionists who raise the house lights early etc. So theres no guarantee people will stay anyway.

    For Iron Man 1 and 2, I noticed the same amount of people left seated from a full house, which was 4 which is the average for a non stinger trailer movie.

    Stinger nerds can go tell their buddies in the playground about the ‘secret ending’ which will probably re-enforce their brand loyalty a bit more. Lets face it theres nothing even remotely sincere about them, its all about marketing – nothing else.

    Thanks for the link

  • Why are they called ‘stingers’? That just makes me thing of extension cords… and there’s nothing fun about those.

    I watch the credits all the way through regardless, though. But most of that shit is, well, shit.

  • asdasd

    Is there another scene after end credits in Iron Man 2? I know it was in first one, but didnt bother staying to check if it was on second one.

    Anywhay. Iron man 2 = not so good. Wasnt better then the first movie, which was mediocore. I give it 5/10.

  • Jonny Ashley

    what they really need is a second stinger to come on 5 minutes after the first stinger is over and the cleaning guy has come in.

  • I wish filmmakers would remove the credits altogether. I don’t care about the people involved in the making of a film. And if I did, I have the Internet.

  • On a side note, how do people feel about the DVD film commentaries where the filmmakers thank everyone for listening as the film credits are about to roll, and then as the final credits roll, they turn their microphones back on and reveal something interesting about the film?

  • Steini

    I don’t mind those scenes as i usually stay for the credits (which often annoys my friends ;)).
    I also thought the scene in Iron Man was pretty cool.

  • MJS

    The word I’d use to describe post-credit stingers is “tacky.” I don’t think any serious film has ever used them and for good reason.

  • Jimmy

    Credit removal, thats a good one. Are you trolling? Mabey you should remove the credits from your VCR collection to be frugal on tape ;-P

    The Iron man stingers are A-OK by me, since they did not reveal plot or promise stuff they cant deliver in a follow up or spin off. Once they dont alter the meaning or resolution of the film, its fine.

    It may even encourage normal people to read the credits & take an interest in the movie biz.

    Personally I thinks its funny, since the comic book movies are mostly aimed at the stereotypical ADD teens, forcing them to sit thru the credits for a piece of fluff titbit must be a mild form of torture for them, lol

  • Theman

    Hey Reed you know you can leave during the credits. Jay you should listen to your review of Kick Ass and realize how wrong you are.

  • Phil

    I do remember staying at the end of the Matrix for the codeword for the website


  • lewis

    For you whiny babies saying the stingers”suck”, nobody told you to stay after the credits.Get the hell outa there so people can do their job. I like the stingers regardless if it sucks or not. Stop going to the movies if all you’re going to do is bitch and complain. Or better yet..go make your own crappy movie. Stop acting like a woman on her period.

  • @Jimmy and Theman: Okay, you caught me trolling. Not really. I remember when credits used to last 10 seconds. When I go to the theater, I would like to stay for the credits, but everyone I ever go with likes to leave right away. Even when I watch a DVD at home, I have to watch the ending credits. It’s just a problem I have. So if filmmakers removed the credits, it would make my life less “painful.”

    When I videotape television shows, I tape the opening starring credits and the ending credits every time, but that’s because I’m a completist. I like the opening of Lost because it lasts 10 seconds.

  • iluthradanar

    If I know ahead of time, I’ll stay. But I generally won’t if I have no idea there will be one. I have seen the entire theatre sit and wait, only to find there was nothing to wait for.

    The one I missed and hated missing was Pirates 3. But it didn’t compel me to go and see it again.

  • Nick

    i like the kind used in Fantastic 4, Fantastic 4 Rise Of The Silver Surfer, And Lost Boys 2 The Tribe, Where The Hidden Scene Is in The Middle Of The credits, And not At The End

  • Kamen Liew

    Just put it at the end of the muv-vee for God’s sake, it’s annoying sitting after the credits.

    Some people need to empty their bladders ya know.

  • Ric

    Why call them stingers. That makes them sound like a bad thing. I really like them. They are a gift from the film companies. If it annoys you to watch the names of all the people who put long grueling hours to bring you the film you just watched, then go ahead and leave. I thought the stingers were the best part of the Ironman movies which I didn’t like all that much. If Ironman wasn’t a blatant character, and plot point ripoff of Batman Begins. Really go watch them in the same day. Now where they went wrong: Sam Jackson as Nick Fury, WHAT? I would have hated the casting if they hired a tall skinny white guy, but a tall skinny black man? WHAT? Why didn’t they change his sex too. Then it would be a completely stupid casting. I really like Samuel L Jackson as an actor when he is cast well, like Black Snake Moan or Pulp Fiction, but hate all poor casting like him in Shaft. He couldn’t live up to that much badassedness. I guess he doesn’t scare me when he doesn’t have a gun.