Steve Jackson’s House of Hell to Become an Interactive Movie


When I was kid I was a big fan of Choose Your Own Adventure books and the many various incarnations of that format, which eventually lead me to the Fighting Fantasy series created by British authors Ian Livingstone and Steve Jackson. These books added a role-playing game element to the stories where you could roll dice to handle combat and magic as well (pretty nerdy stuff, I know). I was recently surprised to find that these books still have a strong fanbase today, and that one of these Fighting Fantasy gamebooks has apparently been optioned to be turned into a movie.

Variety reports that Superteam Productions will turn Steve Jackson’s House of Hell into a feature film, and that they also plan to release an interactive version of the movie on Blu-ray and online. The book pits the reader in a scenario where their car breaks down during a rainstorm and they are forced to seek shelter in an old mansion filled with “nightmarish creatures” and “blood-curdling terror.” I never read this one but it sounds pretty generic and cliched. Although I’m always open to experiments in interactive storytelling, the obvious question here is why bother turning this into a movie instead of a video game? It sounds like the format will just end up feeling clunky and dated, but hey, I thought there might be some Fighting Fantasy fans out there who find this news to be at least moderately intriguing.

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  • The premise sounds like a poor 1990’s adventure game in the horror genre.

  • Tony

    I think it sounds good a classic type horror tale with a interactive game.

  • I read/played this book! It was Steve Jackson’s best iirc, quite difficult, though far from the best FF book. How/why they can translate it into a book is anyone’s guess. Strip away the interactive element and it is a fairly standard haunted house story.

  • AlexG

    I adored these when I was young – although to be fair I only ever read/played 3, not very readily available in Greece you see. I remember one set in a forest, with magicians and trolls, one in some sort of cave system with an unendung labyrinth, but my favourite was the one set in a castle, where the hero faced the likes of a woman/whirlwind hybrid, some scary-ass invisible ghosts and a magician with a powerful glove.

  • Oh god, I had so many of these books when I was a kid and they’re still hot collectors items on Ebay. I wonder how good this film will be though…

  • Mark

    There’s an official website

    Looks good, they say they are sticking as close to the book as they can.

  • Matt

    There’s an official website

  • Danny

    It maybe a sound like a standard horror house film, but think about it for a second, there’s zombies, demons, ghosts and all the stuff that goes bump in the night.

    So what you have got is a film with EVERY thing you’d ever want to see in a horror movie! how cool is that!.

    Then you get to choose YOUR path online or on blu ray.. man this is gonna be BIG.
    It will change the way movies are made forever!

  • rick

    If you all would look who is involved in making this film you may change your mind on just how good this picture will be

  • Danny

    Wow, your right they have got the Exec Producer of James Bond on this film, that’s HUGE!!
    Looking at their website they also have the Make Up company from Harry Potter, the Special Effects from Prince of Persia, the list goes on!

    That’s a dream team right there, the film is gonna rock!