This Week on DVD: Avatar, Crazy Heart, The Lovely Bones


We might be jumping the gun a bit here today, but clearly Avatar is the biggest DVD and Blu-ray release of the week — even if it doesn’t actually hit stores until Earth Day (Thursday). I wonder how many people will bring it home and wonder why they aren’t seeing it in three-dimensions? Other major releases include Crazy Heart (which Jeff Bridges just won the Oscar for), Peter Jackson’s much maligned The Lovely Bones, British crime drama 44 Inch Chest, and Peacock starring Cillian Murphy and Ellen Page. On Blu, we have Steven Spielberg’s Minority Report, The Basketball Diaries, and the Kino release of Battleship Potemkin. Do you see anything worth buying or renting this week?

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  • Im delighted that Avatar is now coming out, it was an awesome movie. Hope the small screen doesnt ruin it.

  • Teo

    Im sure a lot of people will be oblivious to the fact that this Avatar DVD/Blu-ray is the watered-down release without all the special features etc. The real deal comes out later this year…

  • blah

    its all about the 3 hour making of documentary on “the lovely bones” .. cant wait

  • The main reason I will be buying Avatar is for teh chock-full Blu-Ray extras. So this is a no no for me.

  • Yo!
    just bought Planet of the apes blu ray collection. 45 bucks. includes the shipping.
    amazon sale!
    act fast

  • Nate

    I have less than zero interest in seeing Avatar in two paltry dimensions.

  • with 3D available to the home now, am certainly not buying any 2D blu rays of 3D movies, cos they will be out again before you know it in 3D.

  • KeithTalent

    Crappy week, only Minority Report and Summer Hours for me. Everything else sucks ass (not Basketball Diaries, but I do not need to own that).