This Week on DVD: Bad Lieutenant: Port of Call New Orleans, Party Down, The Lord of the Rings


It’s a pretty slow DVD release day with very little in the way of new movies out this week, but clearly the biggest title on store shelves is the long-awaited Blu-ray release of The Lord of the Rings Trilogy. Will people buy this version or wait for the eventual Extended Editions? Other choice picks include Werner Herzog’s must-see crime flick Bad Lieutenant: Port of Call New Orleans starring Nicolas Cage, the first season of the Starz comedy series Party Down, and The Yes Men Fix the World documentary. Do you see anything else worth renting or buying this week?

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  • Christopher

    Really suprises me that it took so long for the LOTR trilogy to come out in Blu-Ray. It took so loong, and i was hoping for a director’s cut, and now i probably have to wait even longer. Sadly, that’s how it is when i watch a movie with directors cut (especially when the movie has over 30 min extra scenes, in this case about and hour for each moviE), i can never go back to the shorter version.

  • Mason

    Only what you’re thinking of are the Extended Editions. The theatrical films were the directors cuts. EEs were nothing cut out, as a gift to the geeks/fans of the books. With current disc technology I don’t see why they can’t put out one set of discs that have the option of watching it either way.

  • Jack

    I won’t be shelling out for LOTR …was really put off with Jackson’s triple and quadruple dipping. No thanks I have the original DVD releases and that will due. If I really want to I can rent them from Netflix.

    “Port of Call New Orleans” and “The Natural” I am excited about picking up these on Blu-ray, I will wait until I can read a review on the “The Natural” first to see if it was given a decent transfer. Not going to get burned again.