Resident Evil: Afterlife Trailer


The first trailer for the latest Resident Evil film debuted at WonderCon in San Francisco last night, but if you weren’t there to see it, don’t fret because it has now arrived online as well. The difference is that the WonderCon folks got to see it in all of its 3-D glory, while the rest of us are stuck in the 2-D doldrums… which is fine by me. They certainly don’t want us to forget that it was shot in 3-D though; they even mention in the trailer that it was “Filmed with the James Cameron / Vincent Pace Fusion Camera System”. Yes, filmed by Paul W.S. Anderson using James Cameron’s tech — something tells me that won’t give quite the same end result.

Resident Evil: Afterlife is the fourth movie in the series, and apparently picks up after the events of Resident Evil: Extinction. Unfortunately I’m not quite sure what that means because I think the plot has become complete nonsense at this point. I’ve also lost track of how these movies are connected to the video games either, but Ali Larter (Heroes) will reprise her role as Claire Redfield and Wentworth Miller (Prison Break) will play Chris Redfield (although he’s nowhere to be seen in the trailer). Resident Evil: Afterlife hits theatres on September 10th, 2010; check out the trailer after the jump and prepare to “experience a new dimension of evil”.

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  • Garbage..

    .. slow motion even in the End Titles its not a good sign..

  • anton

    matrix all over again. nice……… NOOOOTTT!!

  • The Man

    You know I may actually see this for the 3-d on cheap Tuesday. The whole RE series us garbage at least this looks kinda fun.

  • Ben

    I’m not sure if that trailer told us anything about the film…Or did I miss it? Genuinly confused!

  • Big Hungry

    Looks like they found a way to get James Cameron’s name as a credit.
    That is the most creative part of the trailer.

  • bullet3

    I will say I enjoy this series as a big guilty pleasure.
    They’re all incredibly stupid, but they’re also very fun to watch. Lots of over-the-top action, and just zany things, like the lazer room/zombie dogs in the first one, the ridiculous nemesis mutant and zombie children in the second one, and the zombie crows in the 3rd one.
    This one will probably be a lot of fun as well.

  • Marc

    I’m sorry but this looks like ass! Plus where the fuck are the zombies? Had I not seen the other films I would never have believed that it was based on the RE universe. Paul W.S. Anderson seems intent on making an action film that just happens to use the Resident Evil name. By the way they completely misused A Perfect Circle’s track which seems to have lost all of it’s energy. Sigh… This looks like it’s going to be another rental.

  • what the fuck people? Just count how many useless slow mo crap you see —on the TRAILER—- I can only imagine what is going to happen in the actual movie..

    slow mo waking up? slow mo eating? slow mo farting?

    And don’t even get me started on the music mix..


  • swarez

    These films are a guilty pleasure for me, I really like the first one, the second is ass and the third one is alright I guess.
    This film seems to be following the latest games more closely where the zombies have been replaced by monsters and allot more action is thrown in.
    Anderson does over the top action pretty well so it might be enjoyable in that sense. And Milla kicking ass is always a good thing.

  • Captain N

    I’ve never been one to allow fanboyism to over take me, however with Resident Evil I feel slightly different. I have loved the Resident Evil series for years, I started playing when the original Playstation game was still in the giant black boxes. I anticipate every release and make it a point to play the games. I hate the movies. I will admit that I’ve only seen 1 and 2 but because I hate those two films, I refuse to see 3 and now this one.

    My bitching about this film,outside of friends, will likely end here, I won’t see it. I refuse to. I do want to lament quickly over what could be. Some would disagree with me, but I feel the Resident Evil video game series has a rich, if convoluted at times, storyline that ties itself together nicely throughout the series the best a video game can. Sure, it owes it’s inspiration to the likes of Romero’s zombie films but it’s large back story rooted in “science” separates it from most zombie films. Part of what makes Resident Evil, Resident Evil, is discovering the mystery behind the incidents, why they happened, who caused them, who they effected and how they effected.

    I hope the rumors of the reboot happening come true, though the plot for the reboot didn’t sound very promising, it can’t be much worse then the train wrecks that Paul WS Anderson has given us so that he could fulfill some action oriented fetish he seems to have.

  • Matt

    I totally agree with Captain N. Leave it to hollywood to adapt a series known for its creepy suspense, and atmosphere into a movie with flipping ninjas, and gratuitous use of bullet time.

  • Derek

    I’ve always been a fan of Anderson’s films. When I saw that he directed this 4th RE flick, I was relieved, considering how terrible Extinction was. I’m more than sure this one will be way better than 2 and 3 were.

    I wouldn’t say that he is one of the best directors in the world, but he has never fully let me down (unless you count the first AVP/ PG-13); and even that wasn’t as bad as the 2nd AVP that was rated R.

    I always loved the first RE. Just by watchin it, I could tell that James Cameron was definitely one of his inspirations, when it comes to sci-fi/acton/thrillers

    I’ll be there when it comes out.

  • swarez

    “Leave it to hollywood to adapt a series known for its creepy suspense, and atmosphere into a movie with flipping ninjas, and gratuitous use of bullet time.”

    Well that’s what the latest games have become.

  • Billy

    I’m fucking sick of this 3D shit already

  • HFD

    Ali Larter in 3D? I am so in love with this movie, I can’t wait to see her… I mean the movie in all it’s 3D glory on the big screen. :D

  • Matthew Hook

    There’s something about these movies that makes me want to rub one out then go to sleep.

  • Steve

    These things still make money? What?

  • Nick Robertson

    How can people have ‘guilty pleasure’ movies? That’s an awful thing to say.

    Both bullet-time type slow motion and 3D should be banned from film.