R.I.P. Robert Culp


Actor Robert Culp, who garnered much recognition for his work in television, passed away Wednesday after a fall outside his Los Angeles home. Culp’s career dates back to the late 1950s, where he first starred in the Western television series Trackdown. Although he starred in the 1980s series The Greatest American Hero and several other roles, Culp is best known for his role alongside Bill Cosby as secret agent Kelly Robinson in the 1960s action series I Spy.

Cosby spoke of his friendship with Culp on Wednesday: “We almost had our own language and our own way of connecting, sometimes without saying anything.” Their adventure series ran for three seasons, from 1965 to 1968. Robert Culp had five children and was survived by his fifth wife, Candace Faulkner. He was 79.

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  • Jason_Miami

    R.I.P. I guess this is the third so the rest of Hollywood can relax.

  • TheAllKnowingGod

    Best known to today’s youngster as the main bad guy in HALF LIFE 2. What a bastard (the character).

  • greenblade


  • greenblade

    Whatever else he did–and it was a lot–RC also starred in the 2 best Outer Limits:
    The Architects of Fear-to which Watchmen owes an acknowledged debt;
    Demon With A Glass Hand-progenitor of Terminator.