Peacock Trailer Starring Cillian Murphy and Ellen Page


Wondering what Cillian Murphy has been up to lately, aside from starring in a few Christopher Nolan films? Here’s a look at a trailer for an interesting indie thriller starring Murphy that will be released on DVD through Lionsgate next month called Peacock. Murphy plays a bank clerk in a small town named John Skillpa who has a split personality… it just so happens that his other personality is a woman named Emma. When his neighbours accidentally meet Emma one day, they start to ask questions and his life begins to unravel around him.

Although the movie is helmed by first-time director Michael Lander, it has a pretty stellar supporting cast that includes Ellen Page, Susan Sarandon, Josh Lucas, Bill Pullman and Keith Carradine. Clearly Murphy’s performance is the focal point of the film, and looking at some of the scenes in the trailer it’s a bit hard to believe it’s actually him. There’s a mystery here as well, but mostly it seems like a character study of someone losing their grip on reality. And is it just me or did they steal some music from Dexter? Peacock will be released on April 20th; check out the trailer after the jump and see what you think.

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  • Mike

    here comes the ellen paige haters… This looks so creepy. i can’t wait to see it. And once again…i love ellen paige.

  • Less Lee Moore

    While I’m pretty sad this will be DVD only, I am THRILLED that I’ll finally be able to see it!

  • Napalm

    Cillian Murphy and Ellen Page (one of my favorite actresses).. what more do you want? This looks insane!

  • bickle66

    Weird that it’s direct to DVD. It looks like it has loads of potential.

  • Jackson

    Great trailer. It didn’t give anything away yet it looked really intriguing and made me want to watch it. Everything a trailer should be.

    That should be an Open Forum Friday Sean: What makes a good trailer?

    For example The Blind Side, if you have seen that
    trailer, you have pretty much seen that movie… which sucks. Giving away everything in a trailer completely ruins seeing the film, obiously.

  • Nick Robertson

    I loved the little Psycho nod there with the mallard/taxidermic bird in that shot of Ellen on the phone.
    This actually reminds me a lot of Psycho now I think about it… At least they’re paying their credit where credit’s due with that quick reference.

  • Less Lee Moore

    I like the “what makes a good trailer?” idea.

    The first trailer for “Repo Men” looked interesting enough and gave just enough insight into the movie that I wanted to see it. The second one gave away a plot point that made me not want to see the movie anymore.