Last Minute Controversy Threatens The Hurt Locker’s Oscar Chances


Every year it seems like the Oscars are becoming less like a night of industry recognition and more like a presidential election with the amount of campaigning and political B.S. that goes into winning an Academy Award. In the past decade we have even started to see thinly-veiled smear campaigns attempting to sway voters away from the competition, and this week Best Picture frontrunner Kathryn Bigelow’s The Hurt Locker has been getting slammed from all sides.

The first bit of controversy emerged when the film’s producer Nicolas Chartier reportedly committed a major no-no by sending out an e-mail to rally support for the film, urging voters to honour The Hurt Locker and not “a 500-million-dollar film”. This is obviously forbidden by the Academy, and he has since sent out an apology claiming ignorance as a first-time nominee. There may, however, still be repercussions, at least for Chartier, as some are saying his tickets to the ceremony may be withheld or that he may not be given membership to the Academy if they do win.

If that wasn’t enough, now suddenly some military representatives are coming forward to question the film’s authenticity and call it disrespectful. So why are they speaking up now, just a week before the Oscars? And should this even matter? It all seems a bit suspicious to me, but in the end, most people are saying this won’t realistically affect its chances since a large majority of voters have already sent in their ballots. If you’re still unsure, let me just remind you that the cast members of Jersey Shore just starred in an online parody of The Hurt Locker. If that doesn’t scream shoo-in, I don’t know what does!

Update: Nicolas Chartier was banned from the Oscar ceremony, but the movie will not be disqualified.

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  • Kyriacos

    Hurt locker is gonna win best picture. 4 sure.


    Why exactly the army now thinks HL is ..disrespectful? and in what way exactly?
    Cause in contrary if u ask me if any film is disrespectful at all to the troops that is Avatar! and not hurt locker..
    Avatar had way more hippie liberal anti-military political messages in it than Hurt locker.. to a point it was extremely annoying/ even unbearable to watch..

    One might say after this ..military people are stupid.

  • I knew that Kathryn Bigelow was up to no good. You don’t direct K19: The Widowmaker and then 7 creatively-dry years later make The Hurt Locker without some sort of shenanigans! The movie is realistic enough to be convincing but crossed the line from realism to manipulation several times. Which is fine, its a movie, I get it – but everyone claiming “its so realistic” is drinking the kool-aid directly from the spicket, IMO.

  • there is plenty of reports online about the lead character in The Hurt Locker puts his fellow unit members in jeopardy with his cavalier attitude. I personally don’t have a problem with this as it is what makes his character interesting.

    It will be more interesting if James Cameron’s politicking affects voters; he has expressed for awhile (again last week on Charlie Rose)his desire for Kathryn to win best director and his crew to be honored with best picture.

  • KeithTalent

    This stuff is so stupid and annoying.

    Maybe all of the big-headed jerks will cancel each other out and one of the true best films of last year (Inglourious or Serious Man) will swoop in and win.

  • Mmmmm Kool-aid.

  • Maopheus

    None of this really matters if the votes have already been cast. I have no idea when the votes needed to be in, but with the show only a week away I would think the deadline has either already passed or is very near. It’s not like the old days when the show wasn’t until early April.

  • Dim

    Biggest objections I heard is the house clearing scenes, the sniper/desert scene etc none of them make sense. Those types of teams are brought in after the are is secured by regular infantry, they are too valuable to risk.

    If Avatar ended with 200 megaton mushroom clouds blooming on horizon then I could stomach it, hopey/hippie bs was just nauseating

  • Were not the ballots due in Mid-February, making this a non-issue (i.e. the letter sent out harmless?) unless the Academy attempts to ‘disqualify’ something at the zero-hour, which would be spectacularly stupid at this point.

    And the ‘Hurt Locker’ is less real than Avatar? Puh-leeze.

    I guess if it gets people talking, it is a form of hype and advertising for the actual show on Sunday.

  • The deadline was Tues. March 2nd at 5 pm.

    But yes, it was estimated that about 75% of the ballots may have already been submitted by the time all this news broke.

    Oh, and apparently now there is a lawsuit brewing against the producers of The Hurt Locker from the guy who claims he was the inspiration for Jeremy Renner’s character.

  • Mike

    Good! I want Inglorious Basterds to win.

  • kurt

    Ditto what Mike Said….

  • I am truly looking forward to watch the oscars soon. All the big stars at the red carpet, especially the ones in their shine trough dresses ;). The movie Avatar will be the greatest winner i think…