Crank 3 Has a “Good Chance” of Being in 3D


Brian Taylor, one half of the action film mastermind duo Neveldine and Taylor, recently confirmed in an interview with The Film Stage that the third installment in their Crank film series has a “good chance” of being in 3D. While that is the plan, he also said not to expect that film for another year or so, as he and his partner are concentrating on different projects (the DC Comics adaptation Jonah Hex, which he and Neveldine wrote, will be released in June) and would like to make one or two films before they go back to the series that put them on the map.

Considering how well 3D films did in 2009 (Avatar should be crossing the eleventy billion dollar threshold by the time you read this), I would say that the chance of this happening is at an even higher percent now that 3D has gone from a novelty to something that is financially viable. The work of Neveldine and Taylor has set the action film bar at a height that no one in recent years has been able to jump and if anyone deserves to have their films rake in that precious 3D cash, it’s these two geniuses. Plus, if Jason Statham is popping out of the screen, there is a good chance you’ll be able to get your girlfriend to actually sit through something worth watching and that’s worth it right there.

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  • Drewsifer

    Now why exactly are these two genius’s? I enjoyed the crank movies about as much as they’re drugs namesake, a quick and dirty high that you feel guilty about later. Are you saying these two are genius’s like my drug dealer Fredrico is?

  • 81

    No 3D for Crank 3,the movie’s are good as is.