Sam Raimi Walks Away from Spider-Man 4, Sony to Reboot Franchise Instead


Whoa. This is some pretty crazy news being reported by Nikki Finke over at Deadline Hollywood today, and it looks like Spider-Man 4 as we know it is officially dead! We heard that there was trouble on the Spider-Man 4 front when it came out that there were disagreements over the script and that the release date might end up getting pushed back. Apparently when push came to shove, Sam Raimi has decided to walk away, and Sony has decided not to replace him.

Instead, they will now turn their attention to a reboot of the franchise from a script that was written by James Vanderbilt a while back. Everyone will be recast, which means that Tobey Maguire has donned the red and blue tights for the last time. Sony has confirmed this news with a short, non-committal update from their Twitter account:

“Spider-Man: Summer 2012: Peter Parker is going back to high school when the next Spider-Man hits theaters in the summer of 2012.”

Sam Raimi will likely turn his attention to the World of Warcraft movie next. What do you think, did Raimi make the right decision? Is this a major disappointment, or are you excited to see someone new take the reins? And is Summer 2012 too soon for Sony to start over again?

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  • David

    Sam Raimi did a mediocre job. Spiderman was a bore and number 2, even worse. I am glad Sony see fit to let someone else direct this franchise.

  • Napalm

    On one hand I’m sad because Sam Raimi and the cast did a great job with the first two movies and from the looks of the recent news it seemed like they were taking their time with this fourth one, even though I was on the fence with it at first. But on the other hand I see this as a good news. The third one was pretty bad and honestly I was getting a little tired of the cast and the overall feel of the movies.

    With a fresh new cast and a great director behind the camera this new start might give us something good.

  • Bobby Mann

    OK…No one is a bigger Spidey fan than me…I am 45 years old, so I grew up with the WEBSLINGER…Raimi was a disaster from the first film…he/they screwed things up from the get go…no mechanical web-shooters…Spidey’s mask came off way too much in all three films…Spidey is much stronger than he was portrayed in the films…his Spider-sense should kick in more than it did in the films..The Goblin Costume was a joke in #1, you need to see the Goblin’s facial expressions to make him more menacing…Raimi and the cinematographer shot New York to look like Iowa to often…JK Simmon’s was too over-the-top in his portrayal of Jolly Jonah…Gwen Stacy and Betty Brant come way before Mary Jane…Kirsten Dunst is not HOT enough to portray Mary Jane…A properly costumed and menacing Goblin has to kill Gwen to further develop Peter/Spiderman’s psyche…The 1990’s animated series on FOX does Spidey more justice (as doe the new series on DisneyXD, THE SPECTACULAR SPIDERMAN)..the story arcs are true to the canon from the comic books and Peter’s brilliance as a young scientist is demonstrated in both animated series. The Raimi movies were so wrong on so many levels and SPIDERMAN 2 borrowed way too much from SUPERMAN: THE MOVIE in terms of pacing and sentiment. Makes me wish I went to film school…So yes REBOOT the franchise, it should not have taken 3 movies to get to VENOM, it took 20 plus years of comic book tales to get to VENOM and for that Spidey had to fight in the SECRET WARS and gained the symbiote on another planet, etc…I have no problem seeing the young, high school aged Peter Parker again and done correctly this time..Let Kevin Smith write and direct the new franchise.

  • The British Empire (or at least the readers of Empire magazine) have recently voted Spider-Man 3 as one of the 50 worst films ever. Ever! Considering how much money Spider-Man 3 made in the UK, that’s a lot of disappointed people.

  • abhishek

    i am the grates fan of spider man movies and i sow spider man 2 more than 20 times and spider man 3 more than 15 times .. i was egerly waiting for spider man 4 .. when i herd about the rubbish of raimi it was like some one punched me on my face .. please continue making spiderman movies …. requesting please