New To Theatres This Weekend: Daybreakers, Leap Year, Youth in Revolt


The first batch of 2010 releases hit theatres today, and as always, there are some questionable ones. However, it seems like both Daybreakers and Youth in Revolt have the potential to rise above the usual January dreck as early reviews have been mostly positive. Daybreakers is a sci-fi action film about a future world where vampires are running out of supplies of fresh blood (ie. humans). Youth in Revolt is a Michael Cera comedy based on the novel by C.D. Payne. Other new movies include the Amy Adams rom-com Leap Year, Tim Allen’s directorial debut Crazy on the Outside, and the throwback female exploitation flick Bitch Slap, which is playing in just 3 theatres but also available on VOD. What will you be checking out this weekend?

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  • Rick

    so has anyone seen youth In Revolt yet? is it really funny, or is it just stupid?

  • Falsk

    It’s alright. It’s funny but it can be a little a slow. I enjoyed it though. It proved to me that Cera has even the SLIGHTEST amount of depth in his acting repertoire… if you want to call it that.

  • Rick

    true, but he just plays that akward, shy, panzy boy to a T. It’s great

  • Aaron F.

    I’m in for Daybreakers, although the whole vampire craze is wearing thin. I always find it interesting to see how siblings direct together. I saw their Undead a few years back and thought it was alright.

  • Falsk

    Dear Sean. I know you guys won’t be covering “Youth in Revolt”, but if you’re searching for a movie-themed song to play for the next podcast’s outro I would suggest “Popular Mechanics for Lovers” by Beulah which played during the credits of YiR and is awesome. That is all.

  • Nuno

    ^Agreed. I haven’t seen YiR yet but Beulah are awesome.