First Reviews of James Cameron’s Avatar Gush with Geek Giddiness


When a movie costs over $300 million to make, high expectations are a given, and such is certainly the case with James Cameron’s Avatar. Many people are eagerly waiting and hoping it will live up to the hype, while others want nothing more than to watch the movie fail miserably. Analysts have been wondering if the movie can possibly hope to turn a profit at this point, and with much of the marketing for the movie failing to hit the mark, some fans still remain skeptical.

But should we really be doubting the man who brought us such films as Terminator 1 and 2, Aliens, and Titanic? He promised us a cinematic revolution, and perhaps he knows what he’s talking about. The first wave of press have just seen Avatar within the past 24 hours, and early reactions are starting to trickle out. Although reviews are embargoed until next Friday, The Sun went ahead and published this rave write-up, and various other bloggers have begun to let their feelings known (where else?) on Twitter.

It’s hard to tell if this is more than just fanboy pandemonium, but right now the early response is looking overwhelmingly positive. Will it be enough to bring Avatar the box office breakthrough that it needs? Are you buying into the hype yet? Check out a few of the recent Twitter comments after the jump.

  • Peter Hall, Cinematical: The AVATAR buzz is an understatement. That movie was unbelievable.
  • Erik Davis, Cinematical: Avatar screening in Texas just let out – exit polls reveal lots of happy people who were blown away
  • Okay, about Avatar?…. WOWOWOWOWOWOWOWOWOWOW! Unbelievable… amazing. James Cameron has done it again.
  • C. Robert Cargill, Ain’t It Cool News: So I just got back from a movie. It was pretty great…if by pretty great I mean OMFGHOLYFUCKINGSHITOMGOMGOMG. Because that’s what it was.
  • Rob Worley, AVATAR will not be critic-proof. The story is familiar and ALL the usual Cameron archetypes are in play. I dug it anyway.
  • Alex Billington, James Cameron is a freakin’ genius! I can’t say much but wow, I loved it. Avatar was phenomenal, pretty much blew me away.

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  • kyriakos

    I don’t know sean..

    i am sure this movie is going to be at-least watchable.

    But i think we fan boys of T series expect something more from Cameron..

    We expect a FUCKING AWSOME movie..
    Not ham with Cheese..

    We want to get fucked mentally!

    do you know if its R rated?

  • Sean

    Nope, PG-13! (See last response to your other comment.) ;)

  • kyriakos

    There is …something else.. i gotta say i don’t trust CG..
    we’ve heard a thousand times about awesome CG effects that were going to revolutionize movies.. But up to now all of them from STar WARS and Beowulf up to Transformers they all look fake to me. …even though they ve promised to be awesome..
    And Avatar blue aliens? Why not White? they just look SO FUCKING FAKE.
    i do like the colors.. but they look fake..
    Maybe is just to soon for an actual good full cg movie.
    Maybe Cameron just like Lucas Got carried away by the Nerds..

  • Jack Frost


    Add some good condiments on ham and cheese and it too can be fucking awesome.

  • Jack Frost


    Go see the damn thing before you start dissecting it.
    Cameron != Lucas.

  • Sean

    Here’s Cameron’s response about why the aliens are blue:

  • Falsk

    BLUE SKIN IS FUCKING COOL. Who cares if they’re blue!? Seriously…

    Also, what Jack said.

  • Greg

    Is it bad that I don’t give a fuck about this movie?

  • Henrik

    I am viewing this on Tuesday. Im stoked!

  • Matt

    I do think James Cameron has a point. Everyone seems to jump on the fact that the cgi in this movie is so unrealistic, but I think they forget that the film is purposely depicting odd alien creatures and terrain, they look unrealistic because there is nothing on our world that is really comparable. I dont know I dont wont to defend this movie too much until I see it. It could still be crap.

  • xego

    Well Sean thanks a lot for the Cameron Facebook link…I had done a pretty good job of avoiding any trailers or hype for this film but couldn’t resist an extended discussion with Cameron. So now I have seen a taste of it (not in 3-D obviously) I have to say “Yawn!” I know I sound like a fanboy dick here but this looks like a really well made video game. I know I am a bit behind the times–no actually I am the times, I feel like Father Time, my first computer was a Tandy 1000, I got Pong for Christmas–but I hate the video game aesthetic in general. Other worlds? Really? I have been seeing this type of Sci-Fi otherworldly, jungle vines everywhere, great cliffs and falls, blah blah in artists renderings from time an memorial.

    One of my main problems with motion capture\CG is in the physical movements–I realize I am not the first to say so. Also it is the way the camera is used. It is in seemingly constant motion even when it doesn’t need to be. I was watching a piece of the trailer and at one point the character was lying still trying to be quiet to elude something chasing him but the camera was simply rocking gently from side to side like it was waiting for me to pick up a joystick and tell it what to do next. That might be geek heaven for some but for me it just isn’t a movie it is like a trailer for Halo or whatever. I guess what I am saying is I don’t like motion capture\CG the way it is used more often than not. In some cases it rules like in “District 9″ for an example. I feel the same way about CG that I do Maria Carey or any most other of the recent crop of R&B \ PoP singers, they always have to over due it. They always have to show off all their virtuosity (yes they can sing their asses off) but have no concept of how to dial it down, so in the end it comes off show-offy and too much.

    and one last point that cracked me up and made me sigh at the same time when I thought about what could be done with 300 million dollars. In the trailer we see helicopters with mini-guns landing on Pandora and my first thought brought me back to what I heard James Cameron say about Aliens 2, that it was essentially “Viet-Nam in space.” Well apparently he is still doing Viet-Nam in space.

  • Unknown


    Are you doltish moron or something? Because you are talking out of your a** very well. Your facts are flawed if not wrong & your reasoning is simply ignorant let alone you come off as an exceedingly close-minded individual.

    It’s true what they say, the internet shows the unintelligence in this world greatly.

    P.S. The people who are bashing Cameron’s new film are simply just ill-judged & short-sighted.

  • xego

    Please don’t bother telling me that I haven’t seen the movie yet so I should reserve judgment. I get that. I am going to do my part and lay my money down to go and see it so as far as I am concerned the producers of this film and myself are square.

  • xego

    Damn man that was a bit harsh. I mean “moron” really? so the guy (kyriakos) has some reservations about CGI, well anyone paying attention should. I am still waiting for someone to do something as cool as “Starship Troopers”

  • rus in chicago

    I just don’t understand the level of distrust in you guys. I could understand it if the trailers were from some unknown hack talking big, but Jim always delivers an entertaining movie. And it is obvious he is working on the film lovers / geeks behalf by pushing himself and the studio to do this thing, yet you give him not an once of respect. embarrassing. You need to check yourself before you wreck yourself.

  • scoville


    You’re working under the assumption that we all agree with you about past Cameron movies. Some of us believe that he’s one of the most overrated directors ever.

  • Goon

    I’m going to dare risk scorn by guessing this ends up getting nominated for Best Picture

  • Justice


    I haven’t watched one trailer and have turned the channel when a commercial comes on (its really getting hard the last week or so) because I’ve wanted to be as open as possible with no preconceived notions on the movie. I’m so excited its ridiculous. Whether it revolutionizes movie going as we know it remains to be seen, but I think Cameron deserves the benefit of the doubt when regarding cutting edge technology.

  • Ben

    I think it’s going to be great… I also think it’s going to underperform by a huuuuge margin.

  • SirPrize
  • Goon

    Ben, I’m assuming the patent on the tech apparently is what’s going to be making a lot of the money back rather than relying on box office.

    But I still think this thing will perform… I mean it seems everyone who makes fun of it also wants to see it.

  • rus in chicago

    scoville, In my post I didn’t say anything about Cameron’s place in cinema history, how he stacks up against other directors, etc. all I said was “he always delivers an entertaining movie”. If you can’t even give the guy that (T1, T2, The Abyss, Titanic, Aliens, etc.)then you are just a total cynic and not worth my time.

  • rus in chicago

    By the way, did anyone here see Ben Stiller on Conan last night. We may have saw a first in marketing as Stiller, whom has nothing to do with Avatar, spent like 5 minutes shilling for the movie

  • rus in chicago

    HERE IT IS: they even run a trailer!

    he starts talking about it at 21:17. Interesting idea, I imagine that they picked Stiller, and Stiller agreed to do it, because of the relationship Stiller’s projects have with the Avatar studios.

  • Sean

    Weird… I guess Worthington wasn’t available to do the talk show circuit?

  • rus in chicago

    I think it goes deeper as the marketers probably felt “what areas haven’t we covered, I know, associating comedy with this film” what’s the next best thing – have funny people do bits related to the film. It was definitely a prepared bit, even down to Stiller’s rehearsed alien language bit.

  • Your Mom

    I don’t disregard the techinical achievements that will have been accomplished with this movie but it still looks like Dances With Wolves in space to me. Not to mention the creatures look like the leftovers from the Star Wars prequals. I might go see it and that might change my mind but so far I’m not impressed.

  • AlexG

    On Brit newspapers, I’ll trust the Guardian over the Sun any time of the day:

  • Nicolas

    Ugh, I liked! So clear and positively.

  • bullet3

    FYI, Ebert just gave it 4 stars and compared it to seeing Star Wars for the first time. I think the skeptics are about to get their asses handed to them.

  • kyriakos

    When its about movies i am glad to be proved wrong..
    But i ll be the final judge of that..

  • tp ne

    —What? -Half a billion dollars
    for unoriginal, over-produced circle-jerk
    techno-slop like this? —in 2010? —huh?

    I wonder how much of Cameron’s financing
    and market futures are from that most awesomely
    genocidal regime in history —across the Pacific?

    I wonder…

    -and YOU should wonder too.


  • Consciousness

    wow 80% of those comments come from people who didnt even see the movie, time to shut up everyone ?

    I watched it, and i wont tell you how is it, go watch it, then speak.