Peter Berg to Direct Army of Two Video Game Adaptation


Over the past few months, we’ve seen director Peter Berg drop out of a couple of upcoming projects including the robot boxing film Real Steel, and the remake of Frank Herbert’s Dune. Clearly he’s in demand after directing Hancock, but what exactly has he been freeing up his schedule for? Well, we already know that he’s going to be directing Universal’s Battleship movie, but now in addition to a board game movie, it looks like he has added a video game adaptation to his list of potential projects as well. Yay?

A recent article in Variety examines some of the properties that EA is licensing out to TV, movies and comics. Among them is the previously announced big screen version of Army of Two, about two mercenaries working for the U.S. military who get caught up in a political conspiracy in the Middle East. We knew that Scott Z. Burns (The Bourne Ultimatum) was writing the script and that EA was co-producing the movie with Scott Stuber (The Kingdom, Role Models), but according to this article, Peter Berg is now attached to direct. Interesting. It seems that his work on The Kingdom makes him an ideal candidate to direct this movie, but is it a good choice career-wise? Are you interested in an Army of Two movie from Peter Berg?

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  • swarez

    While the game looked great and the game play idea is there it was a poor game all in all.
    I’m sure you could do a run of the mill action movie with these characters if you expand the world a bit but I would be surprised if it was anything but a cliche ridden story.

  • jaime

    peter berg/video game movie!I smell bomb!