Chuck Klosterman’s Fargo Rock City Getting Adapted for the Big Screen… By The Singer of The Hold Steady?


Well this is a pretty weird story. It appears that another one of Chuck Klosterman’s books is headed to the big screen, and the people behind it are none other than Tom Ruprecht, a writer for The Late Show with David Letterman, and Craig Finn, frontman for popular indie rock band The Hold Steady. Huh? The duo have optioned the rights to Fargo Rock City, Klosterman’s first book, a semi-autobiographical memoir of growing up in the midwest throughout the ’80s as a fan of heavy metal. It will join Killing Yourself to Live: 85% of a True Story, the other Klosterman book that is currently in development as a feature film.

Fargo Rock City actually seems a fair bit more suitable for a film adaptation, and according to Risky Business, Ruprecht and Finn will be focusing more on the idea of a group of nerdy high school seniors in search of themselves, with heavy metal serving as the common bond between them. Finn had this to say:

“Seventeen or eighteen is the perfect age for characters in a movie like this, because it’s at that age that you have drivers licenses and a certain amount of independence, but you’re still young enough that you can totally make terrible decisions… And you’re still young enough that you can have a two-hour argument over whether Motley Crue would beat Guns ‘N Roses in a fight.”

Klosterman will also produce the movie, which doesn’t yet have financial backing. Ruprecht has also previously written for the Wall Street Journal, New York Times and McSweeney’s, while Finn doesn’t have any published works, but many of his songs are parables about the foolishness of adolescence. It seems like they might make for a good team. What do you think, does this have the makings of a new Dazed and Confused, or will it simply pander to the hipster crowd? Klosterman’s latest book Eating the Dinosaur just hit stores last week.

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  • Rick

    i think this movie sounds awesome. i’ll have to see it.

    Sean, it looks like your back from your vacation. Welcome Home. I hope you had a great time. Where did you go again, Japan?

  • Jackson

    I think this will be a tough book to adapt because it’s a series of essays without a plot. If it’s done well it could be amazing if it’s done badly it could follow the trend of something like I Hope They Serve Beer in Hell and be a total mess.

  • Rick: I am definitely back. And yes it was Japan.

    Jackson: I didn’t realize this book was essays as well, I thought there was more of a narrative to it. I’ve only read his fourth book and part of Sex, Drugs and Cocoa Puffs thus far, but I do own this one as well so I should probably read it soon.

  • projectgenesis

    “Puffs thus far”– Gotta take issue with that Sean. Not every book needs to be War & Peace, CK is an awesome, insanely entertaining writer to read. Is it silly to analyze hair metal and Saved By The Bell to the degree he does? Sure. But I love it and it speaks to me in a very personal way. Like late night dorm room conversations cum arguments. You may think his topics are trivial and puff, but his methods are not. A modern day Hunter Thompson in my opinion, another writer not respected in his time.

    I think the main hurdle of the small production will be getting the music licenses for all the songs.

  • Rick

    i’m jealous, i would love to go to japan. I love asia. i go for the culture and the food but stay for the women.

    how was the trip

  • I think you misunderstood me. I was just saying I had read part of his book “Sex, Drugs and Cocoa Puffs”. I wasn’t criticizing his writing. I actually like Klosterman, although I’ll admit sometimes he gets a little too smarmy for his own good.

  • Rick: The trip was great. I’ll probably talk about it a bit on the podcast and I’ll have some photos posted on Flickr at some point as well.

  • Rick

    I am glad you had fun. There was hardly anything here with out you

    i am truly jealous, i would kill to go to japan.

  • Rick

    ok so i might not kill. but i would step on a crack or something

  • Mike

    for someone who defend Chuck so vehemently projectgenesis sure doesn’t seem to know the titles of his books

  • projectgenesis

    Mike, I wasn’t naming any specific books. I was quoting Sean who I thought had said the book was a “Puff thus far”– I misunderstood.