Shocker: Showgirls Sequel Looking Questionable


For those of us hoping that Paul Verhoeven may one day return to his violent and campy b-movie roots, it still isn’t looking likely to happen anytime soon. Until then, the only thing we have to turn to are the various direct-to-video sequels that have been churned out from his filmography. We’ve seen (or more likely, avoided) sequels to Starship Troopers, Basic Instinct and Hollow Man, and both Total Recall and Robocop are currently being prepped for remakes. Which leaves only one of his American films still untouched: the Razzie Award-winning Showgirls.

Earlier this week a story surfaced over at German site Extratipp about a potential sequel to Showgirls called Showgirls: The Story of Hope being written and directed by a guy named Marc Vorlander (whose IMDb page is a completely blank slate). The movie would supposedly revolve around a minor character from the first film named Hope (Rena Riffel), who dies from a dose of contaminated cocaine. Her brother comes to Frankfurt in search of revenge.

Now, although the project supposedly managed to land a $25 million budget from two Hollywood producers, someone from The Stranger contacted Rena Riffel to inquire about the validity of the project. As it turns out, she talked to Marc Vorlander once about a year ago, and hasn’t heard from him since. The movie’s hilariously awful website doesn’t do much to instill confidence either. Something tells me that as of right now, Showgirls 2 is nothing more than a pipe dream… but oh, what a pipe dream it is!

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