The New Uwe Boll Film Is… Good?


I’m amazed and confused. In a surprising turn of events, the new Uwe Boll film Rampage is getting reviews that don’t depict Boll as a disgrace to modern cinema, but actually give kudos to the man and the movie. Sites such as /Film and Film School Rejects have reviewed the movie, and come out liking it. “Uwe Boll made something solid, memorable, and well worth seeking out,” says “There comes a shocking 9 out of 10. Well earned,” concludes Has the world gone mad, or has Boll finally followed through?

Rampage revolves around a guy named Bill who in his hate to this world decides to stockpile an arsenal of powerful weapons, build his own full body Kevlar suit of armor, and go on a killing spree through his hometown.

While that does sound awesome, so do the premises for a lot of Boll’s films actually. I am just surprised that he actually pulled through for once and delivered on the synopsis. I am definitely looking forward to buying this on DVD once it gets released. What about you, have you seen the flick, and if so, what was it like? If not, do you believe the hype? Check out the trailer after the jump.

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  • Sites (including Twitch) said the same thing about “Postal;” which was pretty bad.

  • JR

    I like how the trailer says “An Uwe Boll Film”. Classic!

  • rob

    That’s interesting Andrew. I remember Film School Rejects giving Postal a good review as well. This sounds like your average audience film fest overreaction.

  • Ben

    I don’t entirely understand the point of this film…

  • Ripley

    A good Uwe Boll film?

    I’m not sure I believe you.

  • Derek

    I can’t even stand ta hear the name Uwe Boll, but I’m pretty sure I’ll eventually check this GTA lookin flick out on DVD…….some day.

  • Swarez

    Saw it at Fantastic Fest. It’s good stuff. Very well acted and made. Quite angry and nihilistic.

  • Ian

    Well… it seems he’s had enough chances so law of averages right.

  • theDia

    It´s no big surprise that theres a director somewhere hidden in Uwe Boll. “Postal”, “Seed” and lately “Stoic” where at least entertaining, the latter even was a great character study with interesting actors.

    It seems now he goes the Abel Ferrara way and makes one for the money and one for himself. So simply ignore his bigbudget-game-movies and go for his lesser known stuff.

    Can´t wait to see RAMPAGE.

  • kyriacos

    its gonna be SHIT..
    Or even worse is gonna be a mediocre SHIT..
    This Guy can’t direct Kasper.

  • Swarez

    Uwe Boll is directing Kasper? Is there something that is prohibiting him from directing it?

  • McGuirk

    Universally hated director makes a film about a guy who’s fed up with everybody and decides to go on killing spree. Glad I don’t live near Uwe Boll.

  • Tyler Blount

    As far as I’m concerned this guy could’nt direct a porno which really isn’t that hard(For christ sake the actors do all the work). His work is equal to a life of a nerd no action! ;) and belive me if theres any action to be had it ain’t worth it. My shit is actually more amusing to watch than this mfo. For the comments pushed on Michael Bay I just want to say, Uwe he will blow your shit right out of your ass when movies like Transformers top the box office it’s no surprise his pussy Bloodrayne movie sucked as much dick as he does :) fuck off Uwe and Go die!