X-Men 4 Is Being Prepared By Producer Lauren Donner


Lauren Shuler Donner, one of the main producers behind the huge and lucrative X-Men franchise, has for a long time been talking about a possible fourth film in the original movie saga. She has on numerous occasions talked up the project, where she’s also discussed the possibilities of bringing back on board X-Men and X-Men 2 director Bryan Singer with the sentence, “Nothing would please me more than to bring Bryan on for another movie”, something which Singer would later reply to by confirming that he would love to return to the franchise for another go at it.

Well I guess all that talk about wanting to do this and loving to be able to do that, has actually led to something as Donner apparently is in the midst of prepping a fourth movie. It’s still in the early stages though, having yet to officially approach Fox to pitch the idea. However if the idea is solid, and her prep work is about getting Singer back, then I can only imagine Fox wanting to greenlight another film as they are whoring out the franchise as much as possible already with spin-offs, spin-offs of the spin-offs, and kid friendly prequels.

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  • Chris

    Making Wolverine was a mistake. Making anymore prequels would just continue that mistake. Even killing off essential characters in X3 was a mistake. There’s a lot of mistakes that need fixing, which is only possible with an X4.

  • EyeGod

    Lol, why not a reboot? X3 was a fitting end to a film trilogy. Wolverine was a cash cow disgrace. Let dead things lie.

  • ulik

    Fox has proven that they need to stop being so greedy trying to do everything themselves, not respecting the source material and being unable to make quality films in the comic/graphic book or video game genres. They X-Men 1 & 3, Daredevil,Elektra, Fantastic Four 1 & 2, XMO-Wolverine, Dragon Ball, The Legend of Chun Li, Planet of the Apes,etc.,were all epic failures. Certain studios are good at doing certain genre films than others. Fox could have easily hired the makers of “Crouching Tiger,Hidden Dragon” & or John Woo to make The Legend of Chun Li and Fox should have hired the makers of “Kung Fu Hustle” and “Shaolin Soccer” to make Dragon Ball. Fox just needs to make somekind of distribution deal with Marvel/Disney and just let Marvel Studios direct and produce all of their own based characters from now on. Fox has too many failures and reboots will only make things worse.

  • BigHungry

    after x3… I have only one question with that current story line.
    Where do we go from here? They have a tough road with out a reboot….

    Problem with alot of Marvel films is sometimes it seems to be more about the quantity of the films they have and not the quality. But I still love seeing them.

  • DeadFox

    The first 2 x-men films were great, X4 could fix, that horrible sour taste of “Assface” Bret Ratner take on X3. Fix the problem before it gets worse.

  • James Dead

    I don’t know…I’m a huge X-Men fan and know WAY too much about the mythos…and even though I always got really excited to see those films, they always left me with a bad taste in my mouth…It’s like, there is such good source material that they could use and such creative minds out there that could help the process and Fox seems to always fuck it up.

    If this happened…they would need to curb this pathetic trend where Wolverine is the god damn leader and bring Cyclops back into the fold, have his death be a part of the subplot where he is found anc captured by a villain. Speaking of that, lets get some different villains in there too. Maybe introduce the Hellfire club or the Morlocks? What about Apocalypse and Mr. Sinister??

    Honestly…I would rather wait until I could properlly reboot the series. Just give me 15 years to make it up the ladder and I won’t dissapoint any of you…promise. lol.

  • James Dead


    Here I am talking about rebooting a franchise and I can’t even type. lol.

  • modesilver

    way to milk the franchise for all its worth. part 3 was shit. actually looking back i thought all 3 movies were shitty on some level.

  • I am on board with the haters.

    They should randomly select some random nerd from a random comic books store somewhere in the country and hire him as a “creative consultant.”

    That way, fans would be reassured that there will be at least ONE person involved who understands how friggin lame and wrong and f’d up things are before they spiral completely out of control.

    Halle Berry as Storm?
    Cyclops as a douche?
    Wolverine as 6’5″?
    Magneto as a frail, old man?
    Iceman as Iceman for a total of 5 seconds?
    Colossus as Colosses for a total of 5 seconds?
    Mastermind a mute in a wheelchair?
    Angel as… whatever the hell that was?

    About the only things done right were Prof X and Mystique.

    The problem is with all these damn origin stories. ENOUGH! Nobody wants an origin story of comic book heroes. EVERYONE ALREADY KNOWS WHO THEY ARE!!! THEY ARE PART OF AMERICAN HISTORY!!!

    Instead, please show us competent, ass kicking heroes saving the world from cataclysmic doom – not a bunch of spandex wearing, scared, vaginas who aren’t sure if they like being heroes/mutants fighting their parents and prejudice and frail old men with dorky helmets.

    That shit is boring.

    We want EPIC.

  • Machete

    Arter X3 who cares?

  • Captain N

    I’m uninterested in another Xmen film that is connected to the universe that Singer started. Rather it be an X4, Origins or First Class.

  • Machete

    Donkey’s ball’s indeed!

  • anonymous

    Fox is just a disgrace! They are cheap and lame. Cmon how many times are we going see Super Heroes gracing the big screen in tank tops, jeans, bondage leather and trench coats? Learn from Dark Knight, Ironman and Spiderman. Xmen universe is possibly the best out of all Marvel franchise and yet somehow Fox has managed to killed it off.

  • Dwight

    I do agree to some extent about what has gone on in the xmen universe, but to say these movies are garbage you guys need to get a clue.

    I Hate the friggin cameos of characters that I want to see in action if they want to show me a cameo while in the xmen universe then show me thor , captain america, etc.

    I feel that the producers need to sit down with fans that know what should be in the movies and listen to their ideas then put together a movie.

    I would like to see them film three movies at one time keeping in mind the way of marvel comics and put together a butt kicking, power slinging , mutant slug fest.

    then release them one after the other ( month wise )the money would be there and the fans would be there,just like the old early television cliff hangers
    you couldn’t wait until next week to see what happens


  • Thor

    I hope that there will be a Phoenix Saga movie on Uncanny Xmen.

  • Angelgirl

    I just loved wolverine, and I really loved the first two X-Men but the third movie I was disapointed with only because they killed off Xavier, cyclops and jean and took Rogues powers away now it needs serious fixing up and only a 4th movie could do that. I’m hopeful that I’ll soon hear wind of a signed contract for the 4th movie.

  • James

    Although WOLVERINE was not the best it could have been I’m still glad it was made but, please don’t let that spoil the magneto prequel I believe that would be one of the greatest prequel in the MARVEL universe to come

  • James

    Haven’t you ever read a comic no character ever stays dead and I know Xavier is coming back in that body at Moira Mc Taggarts place

  • NAM

    There can only be one future for a X-man 4.
    One of which only a good Sentinel plot can fix.
    I think we all know that?

  • Al Krealman

    Let’s use Bishop’s time traveling hability, to save the storyline… let’s have him go back in time and supress the phoenix in Jean with some sort of device from the future, and with that change the events in X3… then, after we have the whole team back together we can actually think about an APOCALYPSE movie and a SENTINELS movie… you know… the classic and LOVED stuff we all WANT!!!!