TIFF Review: Chloe

Directed by Atom Egoyan
Starring: Liam Neeson, Julianne Moore and Amanda Seyfried


Canadian director Atom Egoyan’s latest film is a test of honesty and trust.  In Chloe, we meet the perfect couple.  David (Neeson), a professor and Catherine (Moore), a doctor.  They have a troubled, yet talented son and live in a beautiful home in Toronto.  The film opens with a luxurious surprise party planned for David, yet he calls and misses his flight.  The suspicion blossoms inside Catherine as she is very troubled that not only did David miss his flight, but he is oddly vague about it.

Thinking that he is cheating on her, she develops a plan to put him to the test.  She hires and escort.  A beautiful young blonde named Chloe (Seyfried) who is to meet up with David, by accident, strike up a conversation and report back to her.  As the meetings continue to mount up and every lusty detail is told to her, Catherine begins to feel the temptation herself and the relationship between the two women intensifies.  More secrets begin to mount and unspool and all three are caught in a whirlwind of lies, accusations and infidelity.

The film itself is, according to Egoyan who spoke before the film, his first one that was fully financed outside of Canada, which technically doesn’t make this film Canadian.   It’s also the first foreign-financed film to shoot in Toronto that actually uses it as the city of Toronto.  Many landscapes, restaurants and halls are not only recognizable, but are also used by their actual name.

Some good performances by all three actors and a crisp, clean directing approach from Egoyan made Chloe an enjoyable film.  If you’ve seen one of Egoyan’s films, you know what you’re going to get.  He has his own style, like most directors, and plays mystery and suspense very well. — Greg

SCORE: 3 stars

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  • Maopheus

    Wouldn’t David Cronenberg’s movies qualify as foreign-financed movies that are shot and set in Toronto? For example the Fly was financed by Brooksfilms and released by Fox. Not Canadian companies, the last time I checked. I don’t think the name “Toronto” is ever mentioned in the movie itself but it’s obviously not set in any other city.