HBO’s The Pacific Trailer: Band of Brothers 2?


HBO’s Band of Brothers was one of the first made-for-TV events that I can remember truly elevating television to the quality of a Hollywood feature film. Together with The Sopranos, it kind of put HBO on the map and helped turn them into the cable giant that they are today. Steven Spielberg and Tom Hanks have been talking for a while now about a spiritual sequel to Band of Brothers, and it looks like it is finally almost upon us.

The Pacific is another HBO mini-series about World War II, this time focusing on a group of marines in the Pacific Theater of Operations — specifically Japan. Whereas Band of Brothers had some familiar faces sprinkled throughout, the cast of The Pacific looks to be made up entirely of lesser known TV actors (which is fine by me). The first trailer aired before the season 2 premiere of True Blood, and it looks like it will be just as epic as Band of Brothers (and yes, maybe a little bit cheesy too). The Pacific is expected to air sometime in March 2010; check out the promo after the jump and see what you think.

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  • AdamH

    It looks as good as Band of Brothers! A few things I hope they represent in the movie.. Pearl Harbour, the bombing of Hiroshima and Nagasaki and some different nations mixed throughout. I know its American-centric but itd be cool to show some Aussies defending against the Japs in Indonesia and what not. I can’t remember if BoB had poms in it as well, or Russians but it would be cool to get the sense that its a WORLD WAR, not just yanks..
    Anyways, looks very fucken cool!

  • spider79

    The little kid from Jurrasic Park must have performed his balls off in auditions to get the leading role in this series.

  • OORAH!!!

  • Niklas

    awesome! Band of Brother is one of my favourites

  • goose

    I am so pumped it looks amazing. I am sure they will do it right but how can they squeeze so much of the Pacific into 10 episodes ? cant wait……

  • I’m not sure if the shot of whiskey I took prior to watching the trailer just hit me or if what I saw stirred something in me. Having been a fan of Band of Brothers and watching it through at least three times, I am most excited for this.

  • Big Hungry

    The best part about these is that gives you time to get to know some of the characters and also allows you to invest in the story. These would never work as a 2 hour movie but the fact that the quality is as good as the movies is what knocks these out of the park. I can not wait. Sign me up. Off topic – I would like to see a vietnam one. Even if it were after the war with flash backs. I love this war stuff when it is played realistic.

  • Big Hungry

    The best shot in this tailer is the straight overview shot from above near the end. Wow…. now I have to watch it agian

  • Nath

    I thought band of brothers was brilliant, if a bit american-centric. Acting, music, battle scenes all good. And the battle scenes were very down to earth and realistic, not glorified like most crap these days. The only thing that annoys me is that its about the yanks again, who seem to think they were only ones to fight in the war. To see an eastern front series would be brilliant, maybe from the german side?

  • Dan

    “To see an eastern front series would be brilliant, maybe from the german side?”

    Now THAT would be something.

  • Kevin

    “To see an eastern front series would be brilliant, maybe from the german side?”
    Something like:

  • Steven

    Am very much looking forward to seeing this, I also was a big fan of BoB, this should be very interesting. Of particular interest to me was the role the U.S.Navy Seabee’s played in the Pacific, it would be wonderful to see them represented in this series.

  • jebidiah

    i hope this is true i wanted this 2 happen for years

  • Ricky

    This looks amazing,I’m really looking forward to it, only thing I wish they would do know is maybe make a mini series of some of the british speical forces aswell.

  • Jeff

    Was / I am a great fan of BoB and Im sure this will be equally as good. However the Americans regularly insult the other nations that fought in WW2 by either ignoring they existed or belittling there efforts. Many Australians & British fought the Japanease by I doubt they will get a mention.

  • Alex (Sgt, USMC ’02-’07)

    I am also very excited for the release of this mini-series. However, I need to address some of the comments made by other users on this site. This is American-centric, no doubt. But you have to understand that it is being based on books written by American’s who fought these battles. The same is true of the original Band of Brothers. These mini-series’ are focusing on those stories, not stories from other nation’s warriors. Just because it is American-centric does not make it any less incredible or any less credible. Semper Fi Marines!

  • Thunder Badger

    I was just watching BoB again last night on DVD & what a terrific series it is, and as Alex says, these are American-centric and good luck to them, but there always seems to be a moment in these stories when the other nations get insulted.

    In BoB there’s the briefing for Operation Market Garden when the troppers ‘groan’ when told it’s under Montgomery’s leadership. Then the episode portrays a British tank commander as an idiot for advancing into an ambush.

    To be fair, in the end titles after mentioning how the Airborne lost 750 men, they go on to say that the British lost 8,000 in the same op.

    In Saving Private Ryan, again, for no apparent reason, Montgomery is called “Overrated” by Ted Danson’s para, and let us not mention U-571.

    I don’t have a problem with Americans telling American stories, but the danger is that they risk offending other countries who fought longer and lost more than they did.

    I mean, what if the BBC did a film about the Twin Towers, focusing on the British killed there, portraying them as heroic and the Americans as stupid?

  • ghasl1

    Operation Market Garden was already over before it begun and yes it was too ambitious plan and was stupid, just saying that the Americans did the same thing at the Hurtgen Forest lost estimate 20,000 men but they rarely mention it in BoB. And they always don’t mention their canadian counter-part. As looking forward to this I don’t want them to make it too graphic to see people getting burned alive with flamethrowers like
    We were soldiers’

    And that was a false fact at the end of Operation Market Garden, thousands not hundreds of americans were killed including commonwealth and polish (didn’t show SS units in that ep). That tank commander that said ‘if I cant see it then I cant hit it’ just because you cant see it doesn’t necessary mean its not there he should of open mortar fire on it from a distance, barrage fire or outflank it.

    Just remember if there is a hollywood film the lead actor or main hero is always american (which is typical) from The Great Escape to Von Ryan’s Express etc.

  • deirdre murray

    in von ryans express, the lead actor was shot to death at the end!!!
    There is not enough movies/tv shows about the pacific war, apart from Tenko which showed war from the womens view in camp!

  • Rusty

    AdamH-It’ll follow the story of three young Marines who survived the “island hopping” campaign of the U.S. Marines. It will be America-centric by nature.

  • Rusty

    Thunder Badger- International and Inter-service rivalries will always exist. I’m a former Marine, and every nation talks trash about the other. Montomery did great things in africa during the war. But if a random tank commander is portrayed as an idiot for walking into an ambush, that probably is what would be said. It’s not meant just to throw around praise or insults-it’s based on the actual memoirs of people who witnessed it and their opinions.

  • Isaac N

    I find the carping about BoB’s America-centrism to be silly, for several reasons.

    1. The series isn’t intended to be an overview of the war in the European theater. Its just the story of a few men in one extraordinary Company of Americans, from Advanced Training to Hitler’s Eagles Nest. The Allies rarely make it into the stories, most of the American military doesn’t make it in, most of the 101st Airborne doesn’t make it in, most of the 506th PIR doesn’t make it in. The series’ focus on a few characters maintains the emotional connection with the viewer.

    2. Americans didn’t like being placed under the command of General Montgomery. That is a historical fact. Their brief groan accurately reflects that. But the rivalry went both ways in the BoB. When Easy Company crossed the river to bring the Red Devils back across, one of the Brits remarked, “never thought I’d be glad to see a bloody Yank.” Now, I could be all sensitive like ThunderBadger and be insulted. But I won’t.

    3. As for the claim that America’s allies were either ignored or portrayed as idiots, well, if in the series a British tanker ignores Easy’s warnings and gets himself blown up, then that’s what happened. But there were other meetings with Allies who were portrayed in a positive light. The Dutch resistance was shown to be effective, and the citizens helpful to the Americans. The Red Devils were shown to be tough, well trained, and tightly disciplined. Canadian engineers took Easy across the river in Operation Pegasus. The French hospital workers did amazing work under impossible conditions. And it should be noted that American soldiers and officers in BoB often did stupid things, and American officers were often incompetent.

    4. The complaint that American-made war movies are always have an American as the hero. Well, this is usually true, because the movies are made for American audiences. But I’ll bet I can find a lot more American-made war movies with non-American protagonists than you complainers can find war movies from non-American countries with an American in the lead role. Seriously, does the BBC make war movies with an American as the main good guy? How bout you other countries? Why do you whine about American films when your filmakers do the same thing?

  • seabee

    hey steven just wanted to let you know that the seabees will just be set pieces because this is a story of the marines and we dont get any credit for soing anything.

  • Joe Consumer

    Thank you Isaac N for your common sense and what you said. I could not have said it beter myself.

  • PG 2010

    About half these comments sound like they were
    scripted by the studio.

    FACT IS —having made BILLIONS upon BILLIONS
    outsourcing, and catering to the franchise-slum
    dumb-down and denial needs of history’s MOST
    awesomely genocidal regime —ACROSS the Pacific (FACT)
    —Hollywood is continuing to run for moral cover
    behind ad nauseum, anachronistic PC WWII retreads
    —EVEN on this! the once again ‘mysteriously overlooked’ 60th Anniversary of the genuinely epic,
    relevant —indeed! STILL unfolding
    ——–KOREAN WAR!

    DON’T buy into the hype —OR the set-up!
    —–It’s deadly…