M. Night Shyamalan’s The Last Airbender Teaser Trailer


The first trailer has arrived online for the upcoming live action adaptation of the animated series Avatar: The Last Airbender (henceforth known simply as The Last Airbender). I have to admit, my main interest in this film is to see M. Night Shyamalan do something a little different (and, more specifically, something he didn’t write entirely himself), but although I have never seen the show, I am starting to think we could have a pretty epic fantasy flick on our hands here.

The teaser trailer doesn’t show much except for the main character Aang (played by first-time actor Noah Ringer) practicing some martial arts, only to reveal some enemy ships pursuing him. Dev Patel (Slumdog Millionaire) is nowhere to be seen. Again, there’s not a heck of a lot to go on, but I already get the impression that this will be a lot more successful than Dragonball Evolution was. That said, my biggest question is, how the heck did M. Night Shyamalan still manage to get his name incorporated into the title? The Last Airbender hits theatres on July 2nd, 2010; check out the trailer after the jump.

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  • jp cate

    This trailer looks impressive, albeit a tad cliche (Troy, the karate kid, etc.) However I just want to make one complaint, and one I’m sure Jay would agree with me. Ever since the birth of christ we’ve hearing about one prophecy after the next about the goddamned chosen one. Leave it to hollywood to jump on th religious bandwagon of plot devices to push fantasy/sci-fi movies. Star Wars, Harry Potter, Dune, The Last Airbender, and even Star Trek to the extent that it latches on to the prodigal son born to fulfill the unsatisfied mission of the deceased father. Just for once I would like to see an epic feature length that doesnt rely on the typical claptrap of fate. Why cant a hero just be a hero?

  • Does this have like a steampunk vibe? I was completely shocked to see battleships, and thought it was awesome.

  • 1138

    Is there a twist at the end?

  • jdacats

    I agree with the comment about the whole “chosen one” thing. Being a fan of the animated show – and hoping M. Night follows it pretty close – this particular tale is unique in many ways. The most different thing, in my opinion, is that by the final episode of the series, it was Aang that needed saving and his companions are the ones that help him fulfill the prophecies. Even though many other aspects are similar to a typical “chosen one” story, the journey to get there had some pretty advanced and unusual turns that made it worth the time.
    I agree that it will be interesting to see MNS do something he didn’t write himself. I’m not worried about the look of the film, just the story, and he’s said on several occassions that he wants to keep this very close to the show. His stories have been his weaker talent but his visuals are always great. Now we have a great story and great visuals so my fingers are crossed.

  • Rick

    one thing Jdacats, i am also a huge fan for the show, and on the last episode aang didn’t recieve any help from his friends, when facing fire lord ozi. saaka and toff and suki went after the air ships. katarra and zuko wen’t after zuko’s sister azula. AAng faced Ozi on his own with out any help. just wanted to clear that up.

    As far as this movie goes I hope it’s good. I love the show. There is alot of meaning and wisdom to be found. I truly hope that they stick with original story. I am excited to see how they do the avatar state.

  • modesilver

    Never watched the tv show but this looks fucking amazing. Please don’t let us down Mr. Night!

  • By the way, this says “Written, produced and directed by M. Night Shyamalan”, so it really is just an adaptation that’s new, he still wrote it.

    I wish this was Superman or Star Trek or some other franchise I had some stake in, but this will do I think. I’m definitely excited.

  • Yeah, I was a bit disappointed to see that he wrote the screenplay himself but at least it’s something different for him.

  • David Wilson

    I like the score when the camera pans out to the ship. That’s pretty well done.

    I think the air-bending practicing martial arts would have come off a lot better if it were more elegant and lucid (seems like the cape got in the way).

    M. Night has some good stuff and bad, but regardless-

    I just want to see Toph, she fucking rules.

  • ToeFu

    can you get an easy 1,000 schievment points from the trailer like you could from the Xbox game?

  • I was also disappointed to see that Shyamalan was the sole screenwriter; but my theory was correct, this film LOOKS cool at least.

    I’m also sick of the “chosen one” thing in epic fantasy. It usually ends up not mattering when the story is good enough (as it is in the show). Still, it’s surprising people perpetrate this ULTIMATE CLICHE.

    P.S. It is a total dick move for Shyamalan to put his name over the title when he didn’t create the franchise.

  • No it’s not, he is the director of the movie. This is the movie.

  • Captain N

    The teaser looks surprisingly good. Hope it turns out much much better then The Village and Lady in the Water (Didn’t see the Happening).

  • Big Hungry

    So what will the plot twist be???? I know just a joke :) but his does look like something I would like. I wonder if they removed the word AVATAR from the title because of Cameron’s movie?

  • Duke Togo

    Portions of this film were/are being shot about 5 minutes from where I live at the Reading Pagoda


  • stevie_boy

    Awesome. I’m a huge fan of the show, if you haven’t watched it, I highly recommend picking up the first season and giving it a go. It’s probbaly the best american animated shows I’ve ever seen and is a very well made and earnest story about asian culture.

    Sure M Night’s last few films have been somewhat sub-par, but this is a direct adaption of Book 1: Water, meaning it’s unlikely he’ll insert some uncharacteristic twists etc. Really looking forward to it!

  • Rick

    oh, so this is only going to be book 1, i diddn’t know that. so does that mean there will be three other movies?

  • Bec

    There’s suppose to be two more after this one depending on how this one does of course.

  • Bec

    But yeah I was a little dismayed when I heard he was doing the movie, but without a doubt I’ll be going to see the movie and the trailer has gotten me more anxious for the movie to come out. Like someone else mentioned as long as he doesn’t mess up the story and keeps the character relationships in tact I’m good to go.

  • Miguel

    It looks like just a magic trick

  • Christina

    Okay so this isnt about hollywood jumping on the ‘religious bandwagon’, they’re just turning a nickelodeon show into a movie. so calm down. they’re not trying to convince everyone that all of this exists. its just a kids show turned into a movie. and as for the creators of harry potter trying to say that exists as well, again i say calm down! its just a movie based on a world wide best seller. they’re not saying that theres a boy out there with a scar destined to save the world. they’re just movies, and you’re thinking way to far into them. these movies are meant to entertain, its not hollywood predicting the worlds future. you need to stop freaking out.

  • jp cate

    I dont take any of the movies seriously christina, and Im not freaking out. I just wish pop culture would stay more creative than relying on religious motifs of the chosen one. Thats all.

  • no name

    I am a huge fan of this show. I cant wait to see how they do appa. or momo. I was kind of worrid about how much they would cut out, but then someone said that this was just book one so thats cool.cant wait for the movie.

  • Faber

    just watch the show if you have questions. i’m concerned this will take a few too many creative licenses. A. Aang is… white? i mean, sure lots of people thought that, but skin tone aside everything in the animation was largely influenced by asian culture, and everyone appeared asian so i can’t see aang being the ONLY white person. 2nd… what’s with the tatoo. i really don’t like what they’ve done with it. the airbender tattoos in the show were so simple, yet quaint. now they just look…. well, they don’t look like they belong in the show.

  • Roberto

    This is gonna be CRAP! I put M. Nighty Shama-llama-dingdong in the same boat with Uve Boll and Stephen King. Predictable, repetitive, and lack luster. Who at Nick thought to put Emmy winning material in this hacks’ hands?

  • jujo

    i completely respect the fact of frank marshall being a professional movie producer. ive looked up the supposed actors of “The last airbender” and i feel like jackson rathbone should play the role of prince Zuko and Dev Patel should be Sokka. all jokes aside i want to persue acting but do not have any experience. :( i do not know where to start. but i feel like i could play the role of sokka; no offence to Jackson Rathbone; but i am a pretty good look alike. and if not. due to looks. i still think Dev and Jackson should switch roles. and one last comment is that the haircut of zuko should be considered.

  • Sheehan

    Zuko’s scar is awful in the movie. Its like minor black eye. His eyebrows all there. I believe this destroys his matyr appearance. And yeah i feel i could act a character. I have acting experience but live in jersey so its hard to become anyone through it, plus i’d take the role seriously so its not just another nickelodean movie but another paramount.

  • Porgy

    The kid’s kung fu moves is not as graceful as Aang’s moves in the cartoons… I hope M.Night Shamanlan can pull this off, coz if he dont, a lot of Avatar fans will be disappointed.

  • cashcarter

    the cartoon series was a hit so if he is a bust like every movie since the sixth sense (kudos to tosh.o) then he should stop production now and save people the hype and money…

  • Kenny

    This looks AWESOME. Great idea picking this up M. Night, I knew somebody would. I hope you do a a kick ass movie with the graphics and do the story justice!!!

  • this better be good or m. night would kiss his asshole goodnight!

    the cartoon is great by itself,..

  • Shroomish

    Sadness. Talk about ruining the flavour of the T.V series. I hope they do a re-make in a few years…..

  • Fallen

    Watched the show once thought it was gay…But this looks Fuckin Bad! Ass!

  • Jason

    I really hope MNS can pull this off without hacking the story to death, but I have my doubts. A story of this magnitude could be made into an epic trilogy, but each movie would need to be about 2.5-3 hours long to do it right.

  • faith

    M.Night Shymalan was not in my opinion a good pick to direct this movie. I have already seen who is being casted and i have to say that they are poor choices. I also read about an interview by noah ringer ( playing the character of aang) And he said that the movie will not be closely related to the tv series at all. So there you have it, i am going to go watch this movie but i wont get my hopes up.

  • Curtis

    Well i was so excited when i saw the trailer for this movie then i saw M Night Shyamalan’s name and my heart sank. How could they put such an amazing story in his hands and allow him to write the screenplay. i’ll be holding my breathe the entire movie.

  • nocty

    I just saw a trailer on television for this. I can’t necessarily say that I’m an avid fan of Avatar: The Last Airbender series, but I did see all of the episodes at least once, and I do have a fairly good understanding of most characters. A few friends of mine who have also seen the series, are vehemently disappointed with the casting. I’m really just fretting and screeching about another great animated series being screwed like Dragonball: Evolution. Avatar is much shorter, and is perfectly proportioned for its audience and story. Yes, it is the cut-out fantasy of the epic hero, but its done in a sweet and loveable way, with a dash of action/adventure. Avatar is generally a bright and child-like series, because thats how the protagonist and his friends act. But the trailers look so dramatic and dark. The casting looks so wrong aswell. They should have casted according to the series’ ethnicities. Except for the water tribe, basically everyone should have at least looked a little asian. The eyes, nose, brow/ face shape. Zuko’s eyebrow is still there, along with most of his skin and hair! Kataara and Sokka are hardly brown. Aang has a white kid’s nose! I don’t recall him ever wearing a cape in book 1! I can only hold my breath and hope it isn’t terrible.

  • james

    is this a real movie?

  • Ellion

    So much for “color-blind” in the good ol’ U.S. of A… Who gives what they look like as long as they can portray the… well, CHARACTER of the character??? Jeez…