This Week on DVD: Friday the 13th, Family Guy: Volume 7, Scott Walker: 30 Century Man


It’s a terrible week for new DVDs, although there are a bunch of pretty high-profile releases on Blu-ray that are bound to sell more than a few copies. The only real major releases are the Friday the 13th remake and Tyler Perry’s Madea Goes to Jail, and… The Cell 2. Yikes. Also out is the little-seen documentary Scott Walker: 30 Century Man, and the Criterion Collection re-release of Ingmar Bergman’s The Seventh Seal (on both standard DVD and Blu-ray). Other major Blu-ray titles include Ghostbusters, Spaceballs and the first two seasons of Lost. Will you be spending any money this week?

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  • Henrik

    “Bergman Island” is a horrible title, but those interviews are fucking amazing.

  • Henrik

    “This resulted in the most breathtakingly candid series of interviews that the famously reclusive director ever took part in, later edited into the feature-length film Bergman Island.”

    Scratch my recommendation. I recommend you torrent the full interviews (3×60 minutes, one on theatre, one on film, one on himself) instead.

  • Goon

    theres also a Spinal Tap DVD/CD combo out today for around 10 bucks with reworked versions of classic tracks and some new material. DVD is them in character doing some retrospective of their work or something.

  • Ashley

    Scott Walker is just coming out on DVD now? I saw that at Hot Docs two years ago. Great flick, anyone into music should get a little something out of it.