Film Junk Poll: What is the Best Pixar Movie to Date?


It’s basically once a year now that the great Pixar debate emerges, and each and every year it becomes that much more complicated. While I’m sure this topic has been thoroughly exhausted in some places, I don’t think we’ve ever discussed it at length here on Film Junk… so let’s get to it! With Pixar’s Up hitting theatres this weekend, it’s time to look back at the solid line-up of films that have come before it. Which one is your favourite and why? Will Up live up to its predecessors? Cast your vote in the poll, then feel free to discuss further in the comments below.

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  • It was between Ratatouille and The Incredibles for me. I went with the latter because of its higher rewatchability score.

    Others I really enjoyed were Monsters, Inc., WALL-E and Finding Nemo. Still pretty untouchable by other computer animated movies.

    The Toy Stories and Bug’s Life were fun and Cars was just OK. I enjoyed Bolt and Kung Fu Panda more than these, probably.

  • mrbenning

    I really like Monsters, Inc.. Not many people seem to agree with me, though I’m not sure why.

  • Matt Keith

    Its a tie between “Wall-E” and “The Incredibles”

  • @Brett: perhaps I’ve misunderstood you, but BOLT over either TOY STORY? Really?

    Over CARS, maybe. TOY STORYs, not a chance.

  • Henrik

    Im gonna go with Wall-E.

  • Mason

    I’d like to see the results of if you polled children, which is who most of these films are made for. Since I’m not a child, the one that I would want to watch repeatedly is WALL-E.

  • Rick

    WALL-E sucked. it was a horrible movie with most the dialouge being “waaale” or “eeve”. it was boring and dull. There was hardly any excitement or thrills to be had. it is a toss between the original toy story and finding nemo

  • Matt

    Boring AND dull? Say it ain’t so, Rick. Although I enjoyed most of the other movie’s more than Wall-E, it wasn’t horrible. I picked Finding Nemo just because it was the only one to make me tear up. Although the Incredibles was very close.

  • bullet3

    Finding Nemo is incredibly over-rated in my estimation. It’s got fantastic animation, but the dialogue and jokes are aimed at the 3-5 year old demographic, and it has a musical part, which I always despise in animated movies. I think the incredibles is the best out of pure rewatchability, followed very closely by Wall-E, Rattatouille, and then Monsters Inc.

    Ya, I don’t get the dislike for Monsters Inc. either, I think its definitley one of their best, just that whole door chase at the end is incredible.

  • I just watched The Little Mermaid today. These Pixar flicks don’t hold a candle to the 2D animation of my childhood.

  • These movies suck! The incredibles is the best, it’s like a bad comic book movie, I give it 2.5/4.

    The Little Mermaid is way better than any of these? You know what makes a good genre picture? A FUCKING VILLAIN!

  • “The Little Mermaid is way better than any of these”

    This was not meant to be a question. It is a fact.

  • “the Incredibles was very close.”

    HOW on earth does this movie make you tear up? When the pilot died?

    “it has a musical part, which I always despise in animated movies.”

    People who don’t like music, have a long way to go to appreciate film. Ever since film was created, it has relied on music. Even when talking about musicals, you’re talking about music telling the story. The opening scroll of Star Wars is a musical.

  • You don’t think Ursula the Seawitch is a good villain? I had nightmares because of her when I was six! And even today, those little creatures she turns merpeople into freak me out.

  • I’ve loved them all. I even really enjoyed Bug’s Life, but I had to name Toy Story as the best. Rewatch it. It’s brilliant. I’m looking forward to Up, just because I trust Pixar. I thought Cars was going to be crap, and I really enjoyed it.

  • I voted for Wall-e but also Finding Nemo is one of my favorite. I don’t agree with Rick when he said Wall-e sucked.Wall-e really is my favorite, and having less conversation doesn’t mean it sucked. Would it mean that Mona Lisa sucks too, just because she’s mute?

  • Rick

    lol, product your funny. Your telling me a movie soley based on visiual affects (animated or not) is good. Or can be held to the heights of the original toy story or finding nemo? Then you get the notion to compare a ANIMATED MOVIE to quite frankly one of the most mysterious, renowned, and Recognizable pieces of ART on this planet? you can’t compare a film to a painting. because of the lack of dialogue in wall-e i also hate apples, trees, and the film sleep by andy worhol. Dissagree all you want, but if your going to use a comparison to help further your argument, at least make one that is plausable and makes sense.

    I have read all the blogs and I still can’t believe the love affair with Wall-e or rattatouille. Toy story was by far the best.

  • Henrik you ass, he was talking about a musical interlude, you are talking about the chorus – music has different parts and function!

  • “I have read all the blogs and I still can’t believe the love affair with Wall-e or rattatouille. ”

    Well said Rick.

    “Best” is impossible with these movies. My favorite is still Monsters, Inc, but they’re ALL really good movies. I know I’m in a tiny minority but I absolutely love Cars. Its scenery is gorgeous, new details pop up every time I watch that movie and it is still the only Pixar movie that makes me laugh out loud upon further viewings.

    Everyone hates on Cars but without any really good reason. I guess the message turns people off.

  • I think Ursula is an extraordinary villain! Maybe I didn’t make it clear, because I fucked up my phonetics. (Questionmark instead of dot.)

  • Bas

    I voted for Nemo, which I think is their ‘best’ because it’s original (unlike some other Pixars) and emotional without getting cliché-sentimental (o rly?). I could watch The Incredibles en Monsters Inc. all day long, but Nemo is ‘better’ when you break it down, in my opinion. Wall-E is a bit overrated (as I am typing, a Wall-E toy is staring at me with disappointment). :)

  • bob

    Having seen them all, I have to vote for the Incredibles simply because of its moments of character development and personal discovery. When Dash found out that he can run on water, you shared in his exhilaration. Setting up such a moment in a regular movie is art, but to do so with animation? Pure genius. Brad Baird really outdid himself, and pushed the envelope.

    I saw UP and it was entertaining, but had too many impossible perspectives. I am definitely looking forward to ToyStory 3D. As for the rest that were on the ballot, I wouldn’t change the channel if they were on TV….

  • First off, I think we can alll agree that pixar has produced the greatest shit around, atleast compared to dreamworks. I voted for Wall-E, barerly ahead of Nemo and Up. I think what made Wall-E great was how it appealed to such a larger audience than did previous Pixar movies. Also, Wall-E was so much deeper in meaning than any other Pixar movie by far. The shots chosen and use of dialogue was brilliant. There doesn’t need to be dialogue for it to be entertaining. And Rick the Prick, your opinion is of no value. You can stop writing your random ass comments and go back to jacking off to Little Mermaid Porn.

  • For me every Pixar movie is special. Each and everyone is unique….in its own sense…

    But Toy Story and WaLL-E lead the list :D

  • Jorge

    WALL-E is the best movie I think I’ve ever seen. Not just Pixar–ever. Anyone who didn’t enjoy it (Rick), well, it makes me wonder if they have any heart.

  • Animal

    Wall-E, period (also the music is great thanks Tomas Newman!), then Rattatouille. In my opinion the story’s are more evolved than say Toy story’s, although that’s a great one too, but the rewatchability is lower. But some people don’t have the taste for movies without dialog, it’s something that has more to do with feeling than with people and some can’t see the beauty in that. guess they don’t like Charlie Chaplin either

  • Dre

    Definitely UP.

  • Aim

    Its between Finding Nemo or Toy Story, I pick Nemo though I did sort of enjoy it more and I cared about the characters, besides Nemo made the Most money out of all the films. There should be a Finding Nemo 2 not a Cars 2! Cars is the weakest pixar film to me.

  • PixelPixie86

    All of Pixar’s movies are insanely great! WALL-E; Up; Finding Nemo; Monsters, Inc.; and Ratatouille are amazing. Toy Story, Toy Story 2, and A Bug’s Life are classics; I’ve loved them ever since I was little. Cars is definitely an instant classic and one of the best CG animated movies ever made. But since WALL-E is my favorite movie of all time, I voted WALL-E. All of Pixar’s movies will always rock.(And yes, that includes Cars.)