Liv Tyler in Talks for Neuromancer


It’s been a while since we heard anything about the upcoming film adaptation of William Gibson’s classic cyberpunk novel Neuromancer. Joseph Kahn (Torque) is slated to direct, with Hayden Christensen rumoured to be playing the lead. This week it appears that we finally have a small update on the project. The good news is it’s still happening… the bad news is that Liv Tyler is in talks to star. I hate to say it, but this movie is definitely shaping up to be a bit of a disaster.

A lot of fans were upset when it was first announced that Kahn would be directing the film, and although I haven’t seen Torque, based on some of his commercial work I wasn’t quite ready to write him off. The Hayden Christensen report further annoyed some folks, but still I held out hope for the project (I don’t hold Christensen solely responsible for the cheese factor in Star Wars: Episode 2). However, if Liv Tyler does indeed end up in the mix, I think I will be forced to accept defeat.

She was terrible in Incredible Hulk, not to mention Armageddon and numerous other flicks. While I’m sure there are some roles she is cut out for (I didn’t mind her in The Strangers), in this case I assume she’d be playing the role of Molly, a cybernetically enhanced bad ass female bodyguard. I simply don’t see this working at all. Was Milla Jovovich busy or something? We all know she is the one born to play this role. The report comes courtesy of Production Weekly’s Twitter account, which usually has reliable tips, but little other info to go on. What do you think, will the Neuromancer movie be doomed before it even starts filming?

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  • Rick

    liv tyler was fine in LOTR. but heres her break down

    not hot,
    bad actress
    offers no emotional involvement to her rolls

  • dan

    I’m a huge Neuromancer fan and think that the whole Sprawl Trilogy would make for a cool movie world, if the right people were involved. This news makes me want to cry. Hayden Christensen? Really? I avoid any movie he’s in ever since his portrayal of robot anakin skywalker. Molly was such a cool character in the books, and I can’t picture Liv Tyler being a bad-ass, take-no-mess, ass-kicking, long on attitude but emotionally fragile at the core, razor girl. The director doesn’t make me any more confident either. The project sure sounds doomed, but I’m still hoping the’ll make some changes.

  • Lexie

    Neuromancer is on the product list for Cannes and only Tyler is listed in the cast (no role specified). There’s no date mentioned for filming. It’s been probably a year since Christensen’s name was attached in print on the production site (Sever Arts). It was removed a long time ago.

  • “will the Neuromancer movie be doomed before it even starts filming?”

    1. Yes. Joseph Kahn made Torque suck worse than the Fast & Furious movies.

    2. Liv Tyler could never play a bad ass.

    3. Joseph Kahn makes garbage.

  • Suilebhain

    Hey, Joseph Kahn! If you are following the press about this film, I have two words for you 9one name,really).


  • christian G

    milla jovovich should do this movie!!
    milla please!!!

  • AvG

    Hey, Emily Blunt doesn’t seem to far off how I’d picture Molly…!!

  • Give it up, folks. We have heard ZERO, ZILTCH, NADA about this since it was announced EONS ago. The Hayden and Liv RUMORS can be chalked up to a handful of cyberpunk diehards and a few nihilistic dimbulbs picking the worst actors they can possibly fathom for each role. Here’s another:

    I heard Hugh Jackman is in talks for the role of Julius Deane.

    -MJ (

  • Mr. Know

    Liv Tyler is not even an actress. She has starred in many big budget films and has never failed to disappoint me. Lassie was a dog and had more depth of character than any part Tyler has played. Even the simple but perfectly directed “That Thing You Do” could not keep Tyler from sinking the overall depth of the movie.

    She is lovable in an innocent way that makes you not want to hurt her feelings by telling her the truth. Maybe that is why she is able to attain big roles when she clearly cannot act. Obviously, without her famous father, she would never be getting these roles.

    Can Liv Tyler play Molly in Neuromancer? She may, but she cannot.

  • Zeke

    Mila would be perfect.

    What if Liv were cast as 3Jane?

  • overmatik

    To me this movie will only work with an a-list director, e.g. Ridley Scott, James Cameron or Brian De Palma.

  • 3Jane

    Molly wasn’t the only female character in Neuromancer. It’s possible they want Liv to play Linda Lee instead of Molly Millions. Linda was Case’s ex-girlfriend, and definitely not a bad ass. Or maybe they just want her to be the voice for Wintermute.

  • Mike

    Whoever decided to hoar this book out to hollywood was a genius… stick it to the man

  • Rob

    I never liked Liv Tyler. Unfortunately, when Hollywood gets its greasy fingers on any superhero type of film, the female characters suck. They’re usually no better than sex slaves or useless twats that just get in the way. Time to give women some credit by giving them real roles. And leave Liv out. She’s offensive in every possible way.

  • ?????

    Liv Tyler look like Linda Lee)) Not like Molly)))