Van Damme And Lundgren Nuzzle In Universal Soldier Sequel

With all the excitement surrounding The Expendables, it’s easy to lose sight of the other old school action movie team-up coming down the pike; Universal Soldier 3 featuring Jean-Claude Van Damme and Dolph Lundgren. The first photo of the two stars together has been released, and it strikes exactly the right balance of rugged machismo and unbridled homoeroticism that we’ve come to expect from the duo.

The one sour note in this touching reunion is the proposed title for the film; Universal Soldiers: The Next Generation. Are they pulling a Ghostbusters and introducing a fresh-faced batch of ‘lil Universal Soldiers to the mix? Unless we’re promised a full-on Van Damme/Lundgren make-out session to make up for it, I’ll wait for Command Performance to get my Lundgren fill. How does Universal Soldier 3 rank in your most anticipated action movies?

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  • Sooo… am I to believe that in the future they wear lacrosse pads to war? And what the hell is with “Next Generation” these guys are 45 years old… If anything, they are the “old” model, not the “next generation.”

  • TheAllKnowingGod

    Maybe these two have to team up against the “next generation”.

  • It’s a rather low-budget movie and Lundgren wasn’t on set for very long, so I am not really expecting much. I’d still like to see it, but movies like Command Performance, The Expendables and Direct Contact still rank higher. Besides, all those action movies being shot in Bulgaria, usually isn’t all that great.

  • And how is this actually Universal Soldier 3? This is the 5th Universal Soldier movie. Are they only counting them if JCVD is in them?

  • I had no idea this was being made.

    There have really been 5 Universal Soldier movies?

  • That would be my mistake, Bryan. I’ve seen it listed as Universal Soldier 3 in a few places, but from the look of it the studio is probably going with a title without numbering, possibly Universal Soldier: The Next Generation.

  • Fixed. Thanks for pointing that out.

  • I don’t quite understand either but it does seem like they are referring to this as the “official” Universal Soldier 3, because the other Universal Soldier 3 was just a made for TV imposter without JCVD.

    One other interesting thing to note: this movie is being directed by John Hyams (son of Timecop director Peter Hyams) who previously did the awesome documentaries The Smashing Machine and Rank.

  • Universal Soldier came, then 2 rip-off DTV movies came, then the “second” movie came (the return) and now the “third” movie is coming.

  • I was thinking what TheAllKnowingGod was thinking. Pull out the plot from Soldier, and make it so that these older model soldiers have to go against the new “faster, Stronger, Better” soldiers. Being one of the few people that really liked Soldier, this sounds okay to me, though unnecessary, if this is the way they’re going.

  • I wasn’t crying foul on your article as I saw it listed as US3 on other official places as well. so I was crying foul to the film studio for the fact that there are 5 movies not 3. So I apologize if anyone thought I was being a dick on here. Just come on studio. Do some research and see that this might be confusing.

  • this is salty action

  • Im actually excited about this film just for the nostalgic thoughts of seeing Van Damme and Lundgren go at it again! I think Universal Soldier is a underated sci-fi gem that needs to be revisited. I wish them both the best and hope they pull it off!

  • i just died in your arms tonight

    I saw all 5 movies last night. the first was the best. The last (this one) was ok….Dolf was a wasted character…they just kinda threw him in there without exlaning how he got there really. The body armour was also dumb. The Bad guys looked more kickass than Gooduys. The rest were GOD AWFUL….without a doubt the made for tv 2 and 3 were the worst junk I have ever seen. Its like they were made by blind retarded monkeys on an acid trip. I agree to just pretend they didnt happen. Four was lame too but not as bad as 2 or 3…Goldberg was bad….really bad…he just smiled and broke stuff inbetween dumb lines. They gave him too much personality to be a drone. So from best to worst it goes 1, 5, and 4. The shame of mankind are 2 and 3.