LeBron James Documentary More Than a Game Trailer


Documentaries about established sports stars can often come off as promotional puff pieces rather than anything truly deep or profound, but Kristopher Belman’s More Than a Game seems a little bit different. It attracted a lot of attention at the Toronto Film Festival last year because one of the subjects of the film, LeBron James, is now a bona fide NBA superstar. The interesting thing is that this movie was shot during his days playing high school basketball for St. Vincent-St. Mary.

The movie focuses not only on LeBron but also his teammates, a core group of friends who have known each other since elementary school. As his own fame starts to grow and all the NBA buzz builds, it creates conflict within the team as they vie for the national championship. Although there have been a ton of great basketball documentaries over the years, this looks like another fine entry into the ranks. More Than a Game will be released in select theatres by Lionsgate on October 2nd. Check out the trailer below or watch it HD over at Yahoo!.

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  • got to love the American Catholic high school system that allowed these boys and the school to engineer a championship – basically recruit, pay scholarships just like college

  • Greg

    I saw this at the film festival. It was awesome. 5 young African Americans got an education. 1 is an NBA superstar. Two play in Europe and the other two earned their college degrees and work in their field.
    They weren’t paid anything to go these schools. They were recruited to good schools in good neighbourhoods that got them away from drugs.

    Have you seen the movie?

  • I’m not down on it, I just have a personal history with it because while playing high school football one of the catholic high schools stole are best players!

  • Those shoes are hideous.

  • michael nyc

    Rus..you are are losing sore sport douce bag. Give these kids credit for working harder and trying harder than anyone else in the nation. sorry if u got knocked on your ass by a big black kid that never would have had a chance if the catholic school you played against didn’t give him a scholarship. This movie was compelling and god bless SMSV for giving these kids need an environment to succeed.

  • Alissa

    I went to school w/ LeBron for three years, aka, attended STVM from 2000-2004. Those boys did not steal scholarships and our school did not recruit. They worked hard and they deserved all that they acheived. Our whole school grew immensely in a sense of family because of their example. No one knew what team spirit was like St. V-M. I am very thankful for their dedication and the sacrifices they made.