Weekly Poll Results: Best Time Travel Movie

Alright so maybe last week’s poll was a pretty obvious one, but still, I thought Terminator 2 would have given Back to the Future a run for its money. As it turns out, the battle of the time travel movies was no contest: Back to the Future snagged nearly half of the votes. 12 Monkeys was a distant second, followed by T2 and Primer. I must admit, the omission of Donnie Darko was a big oversight on my part, and I’m guessing it would have at least been in the top 5 as well. Any thoughts on the results? Did we miss any other lesser known time travel flicks?

1. Back to the Future — 45%
2. 12 Monkeys — 15.6%
3. Terminator 2: Judgment Day — 11.8%
4. Primer — 11.4%
5. The Butterfly Effect — 4.3%
5. Bill and Ted’s Excellent Adventure — 4.3%
7. Timecrimes — 1.9%
7. Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban — 1.9%
7. The Time Machine (1960) — 1.9%
10. Star Trek IV: The Voyage Home — 1.4%

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  • Bob The Slob

    not to get too geeeky on you…but that is a picture from BTTF2. sooooooooooo…..

  • Yeah I know. Cool picture though.

  • It bears repeating, everyone should check out Chris Marker’s La Jetée.

  • It bears repeating, everyone should check out Chris Marker’s La Jetée.
    Sorry, forgot have added good post! Waiting for the next one!

  • Jeff

    Time Bandits is way better than a good portion of the movies in your poll.


  • I’ve never seen Time Bandits, but I’ll take your word for it. I also would have tried to fit in Timecop if I could have.

  • paulie

    I stil cant beelive the final count down wasnt on the list that was one of my all time favorite time travle movies or you even for got to put up beat master 2 threw the time portal and time cop two wasnt actualy half bad just a few time travle movies that I thought should have been on the list stil lnothing can hold a candle quite like back to the future…..

  • I’ve seen this trilogy 30 times or so. It’s permanently in my memory.

  • ShenEvil44

    This is truly my favorite movie ever. Period. I LOOVE Time Travel movies. I live off them. And yes, Time Bandits was a good movie. The fact that it’s from Spain is a plus on my scale.

  • Chris

    Late on the reply, but everyone should check out a Japanese flick called Summer Time Machine Blues. It’s hilarious and the time-travel bit is handled quite well.

  • Meredith Hayley

    “Somewhere in Time” (1980) with Christopher Reeves and Jane Seymour should definitely be up there. Yes, it is a slow, romanatic chick flick but VERY much a great time travel movie- good music too!

  • AlexG

    ridiculous result, back to the future is a good movie but highly overrated. 12 monkeys for me (great performances and mood/atmosphere), with t2 close behind. ain’t seen primer or timecrimes yet, should be interesting.