Chocolate Star Jeeja Yanin Unveils Her Latest Movie

Fans of bone-crunching action have been turning their gaze to Thailand in recent years, with the rise of Tony Jaa and Prachya Pinkaew, respectively the star and director of Ong-Bak and Tom Yum Goong. My second favourite theatrical experience of last year was a midnight screening of the most recent Pinkaew release Chocolate, starring his latest protégé Jeeja Yanin, which you can catch Reed’s review of right here. I’ve been waiting to hear about a follow-up for this petite Muay Thai cyclone, and it’s finally arrived in the announcement for her second movie, Du Suay Doo.

One thing that I appreciate about the rise of the Thai action industry is the patience they’ve shown in making their movies. The best example of that may be the two years of training given to Jeeja before they even began Chocolate, not including the extra two years of grueling training she experienced while making it. It’s a welcome mixture of the techniques of the Shaw Bros., who would slowly groom and train their stars in the martial arts, and old school Jackie Chan, who would meticulously work on a fight or stunt to the point of madness. That said, while I’m fully supportive of the slow build-up, I’m glad Jeeja won’t be making us wait another four years for her next film. Are you excited about the Thai action renaissance, or is there another country that you think does it even better?

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  • Ben

    I would like to see more Thai actors raise into prominents in the world. I am certainly glad and proud that Jeeja is having worldwide attention and just into her second movie. But I must say that a lot of Thai movies are getting regconition around the world now. So, all praises goes to the Thai cast and crew for works well done and more to come, please!!!

    No, I am not a Thai but a fan of good action movies, whatever language it may be!

  • Mike

    Jeeja is, without question, very gifted. I hope that they don’t follow the path of other film makers by taking the easy and profitable path to future movies and stay the course. I have seen this happen when they hit with a well made movie, then bank on the it’s success by rushing a mediocre film to the market while its predecessor is still fresh in the minds of movie goers. Pinkaew doesn’t seem to be that kind of film maker and I look forward to Jeeja does next.

  • H!PPY

    I think thailand are making the best martial arts action films, If only Jet Li would take some tips, as he also has a great talent but he’s gone all commercial a bit lately.
    I have watched some great thai films lately, (alone as my partner doesn’t enjoy subs) I am a massive fan and await tony jaa’s next film and jeeja’s. My only gripe is it is sometimes difficult to watch the awesome fight scenes and read subs. But I will keep watching as the talent involved makes the reading is an insignificant trouble. THANKS to all involved in these films PLEASE give me more.

  • jeffrey

    I personally saw 4 movies in which Tony Jaa was in and liked 3 of them alot. I also like chinese and american action movies especially if they have martial arts in it. But “Chocolate” was the only movie with Jeeja Yanin in that i saw so far. I was very impressed with her martial arts and hope to see more of her in the near future. My friend and I can tell that she definitely trained very hard for that movie. It really shows. I’ve really been impressed with these different thai movies that has been coming out in america. After seeing ‘Chocolate’ I will now be looking forward to seeing more of her and her skills she so expertly displays. Keep up the good work.

  • Jeff Stockton (Honolulu)

    In many ways Chocolate was more impressive than Ong Bak, and was surely much better than Ong Bak 2. The out takes at the end of the film, show how brutal filming a movie like this is, with many of the stuntmen ending up in the hospital…

  • Robert George

    Yanin Vismistananda’s (Jeeja) Chocolate was shown on TV in India recently. In many martial art movies, actors lack acting skills. But Jeeja has proved that she can be equally effective in acting. Congrats Jeeja!

  • Hung Low

    “Rising Phoenix” is said to come out soon. It will star the jeeja Yanin. It looks to be great and the action even more unique than “Chocolate”. I can’t wait to see it.

  • Rohit


  • ansar rathod

    jija yanin, i think its god’s mistake coz when i saw chocolate i think its unbelievable action. then i saw raging phonix this movie is also have good action. wonderful combination of dance and action. hope tht movie director give her more action to do so she proven tht she is really god’s big mistake. :) mean to say she is …unbelievable…

  • Registered

    credit where due, but people should remember that health and safety regulations nearly in all countries forbid dangerous stunts,

    of course I’m not taking it away from people like Thai, they are very skilled, and know a thing or two about desperation, and living on the edge of starvation (who wouldn’t work there guts out for a chance to have a life and not an existence like many in Thailand) and they have a perfect body for speed and accuracy training (strength not so much, but 9 months of weights in the gym soon sorts that out…Ouch bring on the WILL POWER)

    but if you watch the outtakes on these films, you do see many many people get hurt, sometimes really serious (life altering) injuries, there’s only a few countries left that allows these types of stunts to be done (well most countries allow the stunts, but only with huge amounts of planning and safety equipment utilized which usually makes the stunt not cost beneficial), even Jackie Chang once went on record saying that “America insists on ropes” meaning ropes being connected to him for the daring stunts being performed,

    now i’m all for these films, but it should be noted how far are we willing to go knowing for-well that a person has broken there back, or someone has been blinded by an error in judgement on a explosion used for a shot on the film, stuntmen over there don’t really get good insurance if you know what i mean.

    Quote “It’s amazing how people watch film, not know amount injuries it take to get film finished”

    we can only hope that all off the team is looked after, obviously the stars would be by default….Emmm!

  • Simeon Mills

    wo I watched that movie lastnigh and it was incredible. I do look forward seeing alot more of hese Thai movies, those fighting skills are out of this world, great actors. 10?10

  • Simeon Mills

    WOW! I watched that movie lastnigh and it was incredible. I do look forward seeing alot more of hese Thai movies, those fighting skills are out of this world, great actors. 10/10

  • Murugan

    Excellent movie is the Chocolate, Jeeja Yanin is God’s gift to Thailand.
    First i have seen thai movie, realy great job. I was looking like this film in India….no chance
    i love Jeeja
    if it would be a Indian movie, 90% graphics n 10% action.
    Congrats to Jeeja yanin’s hard work and the chocolate team

  • i hope there will be a continuation of raging phoenix

  • jacqueline

    jeeja you are amazing ,awsome ,incrediable :)

  • i realy like you jeejanin you are the best actress. i hope you will be visit in the phillipine and promote your movie.