Daniel Day-Lewis and Benicio Del Toro in Talks for Scorsese’s Silence

Martin Scorsese’s next film Shutter Island is currently in post-production and scheduled for an October release, and he is apparently shooting a documentary on George Harrison right now, but that hasn’t stopped him from getting the ball rolling on yet another project. For the past ten years, Scorsese has been trying to get a movie called Silence off the ground, a 17th century drama based on the novel by Shusaku Endo about two priests who try to spread the word of Christianity in Japan. They find that the Christian population there have been forced to renounce their beliefs or face torture and death.

The exciting thing about the project is the fact that it looks like it will reteam Scorsese once again with Daniel Day-Lewis, who is in talks for one of the lead roles. This seems fitting, considering that the screenplay was written by Jay Cocks, who also wrote Gangs of New York. In addition to Daniel Day-Lewis, Benicio Del Toro is also close to signing on for the film, along with Gael Garcia Bernal. With Scorsese at the helm and this potentially stellar initial cast involved, I’d watch a movie about pretty much anything. I do hope the movie isn’t overly preachy, although it sounds like an interesting opportunity to explore differing philosophies between the East and the West. The book won the Tanizaki Prize for the year’s best literature back in 1966. Production is expected to commence later this year in New Zealand.

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  • Yeah, all these three guys together… I’d go see it regardless. I hope Scorsese get’s this pet project off the ground!

  • Liz

    I’m weirdly excited for this. I don’t feel like it will end up being too preachy, if only because Scorsese’s approach to Catholicism in general seems to err on the side of the dark.

  • Glendon

    I hope they eventually get around to casting some Japanese people.