Listen to a Movie Online (No Pictures, Just Sound!)

Who says a picture is worth a thousand words? Sometimes you’d be surprised by how much is conveyed in a movie just through sound alone. Of course, the whole “moving picture” thing is kind of what makes a movie a movie, but I’m sure I’m not the only one who sometimes puts on a movie just for a little background noise. Now, with the website, you can listen to over 1400 different movies and 300 different TV episodes… absolutely free!

As their tagline states, the site is aimed at “The Cubicle Workers of the World”, and although it’s not intended as a service for experiencing movies you’ve never seen before, it’s an easy way to throw on an old classic while you work. The cool part is that apparently they also have a lot of audio commentary tracks included as well, which can be even more suitable for listening without the accompanying visuals. Is this all legal? Something tells me it’s not, however, I’m guessing the MPAA probably has bigger fish to fry at this point. So if you’re interested in listening to a movie online, click on the link below and take this site for a test drive.

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  • Liz

    I discovered this yesterday and turned a couple of friends on to it. There was much joy to be had in listening to four or five movies through the workday and suddenly everyone is in a better mood.

    For some reason it doesn’t work for me where I work, which I find odd since my workplace doesn’t block us from accessing any kinds of sites or media. Sadly, listening to Die Hard will have to wait until I’m at home (when, really, I could just put the DVD on).

  • el suave

    Thanks for the link Sean. Have been trying to find Carpenter’s Halloween commentary for aaaages!

  • swarez

    I used to do this when I was a kid, I recorded movies on to audio tape and listened to them constantly. Beetlejuice, Evil Dead 2 and a few others.
    Good stuff.

  • Matt

    YES! A couple of years ago I bought a bootlegged copy of Casino Royale, that had a really good picture but horrible sound. Now, thanks to this website, I can synchronize the audio with the bootlegged dvd. It’s a dream come true. Thanks for the link, Sean.

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  • Lola

    I found this site a few years ago and that it was awesome! I still like it but I am troubled with why no new movies ever get added anymore. It hasn’t changed in over 2 years. Kind of sad because it would really be neat to have more movies added.

  • lola, this site is updated daily, try hitting the Big RED film Junk logo on top..

  • :) I made a joke..

  • Roberto

    Thank you!

  • Jake Bolocoye

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