Tremors 5: The Thunder From Down Under?

The original Tremors is a true cult classic from the early ’90s that has more than its fair share of dedicated fans. You’ve got Kevin Bacon, Fred Ward, Michael Gross, Victor Wong, and Reba McEntire all in a desert town being stalked by a bunch of underground creatures… what’s not to love? Of course, the magic quickly wore off throughout the three sequels that followed, but I guess that’s to be expected when most of the cast and crew jump ship. Recently we heard rumours that Tremors director Ron Underwood was going to be reteaming with writers S.S. Wilson and Brent Maddock for a new movie called Night Crew. Now this week, Cinema Blend brings us the strange news of yet another possible Tremors sequel.

According to an inside source at Universal, there is a fifth Tremors movie in development with the tentative title Tremors: The Thunder From Down Under. As you can probably guess, it will take place in Australia, but it’s unclear whether Wilson or Maddock will have anything to do with it (the duo took turns directing parts 2, 3 and 4). We all know that Michael Gross is likely to be the only returning cast member, but I just might be interested if they can somehow get Paul Hogan on board! In all seriousness though, this is one situation where a sequel seems kind of pointless — if anything, a reboot makes more sense. A direct-to-DVD Tremors 5 won’t be doing anyone any favours. I just hope this doesn’t mean Night Crew isn’t happening, because I’d much rather see something new from the same team, than a rehash of an old classic. What do the Tremors fans out there have to say about this project?

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    could somebody please tell me when tremors no 5 the thunder down under being released as all i can find is that it was meant to be out in december but as this has not happened has it been scrapped or is there a later date set for it i have seen the other four tremors would be nice to see this one.

  • Well, first off, Tremors is one of my fav. films of all times. and i dont mean just tremors (1990), i mean the whole tremors franchise and series. I dont know, theres just something about it that entertains you no matter how much times u have seen the movies. maybe in my case it is because i discovered tremors at a very early age, say around…ummm….7, but the thing with it is that i love them all, ALL. there is no movie in the tremors franchise that i love more than another. theyre all equally as fun and entertaining as they should be, and it;s one of my favorite franchises of all time. as for the series, a reduced budget and a huge increase in CGI didnt do justice to it, but neither it damaged it so much, since every episode is as enjoyable as the last one.
    now, about a 5th tremors movie, i dont even think about it, i will say HELL YES, right away. be it a remake or a sequel to any of the movies, i really want to see a graboid a shrieker an ass blaster, or any other monster that has appeared in the series chomping on someone’s ass, and i would like to see new monsters as well. i have seen all the tremors filmography till now, and i dont think a 5th movie will do ny harm.
    THUMBS UP TO THE 5TH TREMORS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Billy

    i love the Tremors series! i have ALL four veriions in my library. when i just found out they might do a T5, i was like, “Awesome, i cant wait”! hopefully SE crew WILL do a fifth…even if i DOES go striaght to video…i’ll get it, and love it! grab me all the graboids i can get!

  • Hell yeah! Bout damn time is all I can say. Number 5 needs to happen.

    Let’s put a lil money into it this time however.

  • Glacy

    I just bought and watched all four movies in the series. An just like everyone else tremors 1 was my fav!!! I really liked tremors 2 as well since u get to c what happens to the original cast!!! 3 alright since the things learn how to fly!!!! An u also get to c melvin Uagain.4 was kinda……idk but they def should bring back most of the original cast in the 5th. Here’s my idea how the movie should go…..they should send offers to all of the original cast to get them to meet for a reunion or smnthng….thing the party gets interupted by the grab things!!!! They kill most of the grab things off but get surprised by the grabloid QUEEN A GIANT 1 THE SIZE OF A BUILDING!!!!!!:)

  • LEe

    BRING ON THE 5th!!!!! love them all, the 4th was slow but good in its own way showing how burt got his love for guns…. from his great great great grandfather. and that the graboids have 5 stages, eggs those dirt dragon things, graboids, screecher’s and ass blasters. it explains more bout them it was great. BRING ON THE 5th, us Australians would love it

  • Rhonda

    My kids and nefews love all of the movies in this series. All i can say is that all of them are far better than that flop MARS Attacks. I have been waiting for another Tremors movie to come out and to think its in Australia ia awesome. I love the thought, Paul Hogan and Hugh Jackman would make awesome additions to the movie. I want to see Tremors 5: The Thunder from Downunder.

  • Yeah Tremors was a cult classic and shouldn’t be toyed around with,I mean the sequel Tremors II Aftershocks was somewhat enjoyable if not for the whole Mexican fiasco, no offense eses but give the grand old USA any day for filming a cult classic or any of it’s prequels or sequels.

  • John

    Tremors 2 is actually my favorite of the Tremors movies I don’t fit with you people, but I love all of them and a sequel would be awesome but please for the love of God don’t remake Tremors that would be horrible.

  • Loretta

    I love the whole Tremors Franchise!!! Please greenlight Tremors 5!!!! You have such a large following, all the “Tremmies” LOVE these movies and truly wish for more! :)

  • Lucy M.

    My family is addicted to the Tremors movies and would love another one! We often call a Tremors marathon day on a rainy day and watch all 4 with lots of snacks and fun times.

  • Brandon

    I love all the “tremors” movies, but i do not want to see a part five unless Kevin Bacon and Fred Ward are reunited! How awesome would that be? Bacon and Ward return in the new major motion picture “Tremors 5″!

  • Michael Kee

    There needs to be a video game for Tremors 1 it would BE AWESOME!!!!!!!!! HELL FUCKING AWESOME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • after so many years tremors has been growing so why cancel the 5 movie

  • Robert

    Tremors was amazing…Tremors 2 enjoyable good time Tremors3 horrid! Stupid Cputrr animation! 4 made up for shitty 3! If you do 5 at least have Val Earl Rhonda Burt and Reba(heather) make cameos at least!

  • Alyssa

    Tremors one freaked out bcause im only 12 and i hate stuff that has to do with anything scary
    Tremors 2 was better than the first! I like the shreikers. They were my fav
    Im one of those kids who like old movies like: Lake Placid 1 & 2, Dante’s Peak, and 1,2,3, & 4 of Tremors
    I really hope they make a fith
    Im on the third one and i dont like series that end
    I love old scary movies
    Im still lookin for more!

  • TW

    Remake the 1st movie and then make a new sequel based in Australia.

  • jamie

    Plase make termors 5

  • jamie

    Plase make termors five plase i have part 1,2,3,and 4 i would like to have a part 5 so plase make a part 5 plase text me and tell me that youngs are making a part 5

  • Salli

    part 4 was amazingly kick ass, i didnt expect that. Not a typical friday 13th part 11 jason in space kinda dilio. An made burt into a pussy who found his luv 4 ammo & gun only 2 hand it down from father 2 son, #NOT1MORE GOOD OLE BURT WOULD BE FLIP DA FUK OUT IF THEY WROTE THAT SHYT IN THE SCRIPT

  • Britt

    It is awesome I hope they do Maldives a tremors 5

  • david

    I am a true tremors fan, I can’t wait until tremors 5 comes out, and would like a 6 7 8 9 10.

  • Rich

    Just watched Tremors 5 Bloodline on Netflix, AWESOME!