Fanboys Won’t Get to See Fanboys Until 2009

Sad but true… fanboys will have to wait a few more months before they get to see Fanboys in theatres. I’m not quite sure what’s going on over at The Weinstein Company right now, but apparently all of their remaining 2008 releases minus The Reader have now been pushed back to next year. We previously reported that both Killshot and The Road would be delayed to 2009, but now you can add to that list the Harrison Ford/Sean Penn drama Crossing Over, the John Cusack period piece Shanghai, and the Star Wars-themed comedy Fanboys. This only fuels rumours that The Weinsteins are extremely tight on funds right now, although Harvey Weinstein claims there are other reasons for the release changes.

Fanboys in particular is the most puzzling delay, considering that the movie has already been put through the ringer with all kinds of reshoots, controversy and studio doubt in the first place. It finally premiered at Fantastic Fest in Austin last month and was supposed to hit theatres in December. Now it has been pushed back to February 6th, 2009, simply so that they can do an big advertising tie-in with Comcast to help promote the movie. Really, that’s what you’re waiting for? Sounds like a pretty flimsy excuse to me. By the time this movie hits theatres I have a feeling it’s going to fall flatter than a pancake. They might as well just release it direct to DVD at this point because after all the waiting I don’t think it can possibly live up to anyone’s expectations.

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  • I am so sick of hearing about this film. Chances are– it’s going to suck anyway!

    Just put it out on DVD already, and hope you can capitalize on it’s cult-ish status.

  • Agreed Jon Rocks. They’ve been wanking on this one for all eternity! No ones expectations will be met. I was already expecting a lite version of Harold & Kumar as geeks.

    If I were to believe everything I read in the book “Down & Dirty Pictures” (and I kinda do) the Weinsteins fuck around with their money too much.

  • swarez

    Does anyone really give a shit about this film anymore?