Film Junk Poll: What is the Best James Bond Movie?

With Quantum of Solace now less than a month away, and a bunch of classic Bond flicks recently re-released on Blu-ray, I thought it would be a good time to start a discussion about the many previous adventures 007 has had. While these debates predictably crop up every time a new James Bond movie hits theatres, the most frequently asked question usually revolves around who the best actor was. Personally I’m more curious to find out what people think is the best Bond movie of all time. I suspect Casino Royale is the heavy favourite here simply because more people will have seen it recently, but I hope I’m proven wrong. It was obviously tough to narrow the options down to just 10 choices, so if I forgot your favourite, be sure to let us know in the comments!

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  • When I clicked on From Russia With Love on the above poll because it is genuinely my favorite of all the Bond movies, I never expected the results to tell me that it has 50% of the votes!

    Reasons why From Russia With Love is my favorite Bond movie:

    A: It has my favorite Bond (Connery).

    B: It has the coolest gadgets out of the entire series, which are not only effective, but rather believable.

    C: It has one of my favorite fight scenes of all time. James Bond versus Red Grant in a train car on the Orient Express. One damsel in distress, one huge, angry Russian, and our hero trapped in a train car together. Brutal, inventive, and thrilling.

  • I’ve seen every single James Bond movie ever made, and Casino Royale with Daniel Craig, not David Niven, is my favourite. Every frame of that movie is like a postcard.

    Sean Connery is still my favourite Bond, though. Not sure who my favourite Bond villain is. Maybe Gert Frobe (Auric Goldfinger). My favourite femme fatale is Luciana Paluzzi (Fiona Volpe) from Thunderball. And my favourite Bond girl is Halle Berry (Jinx). My favourite Bond gadget is the Aston Martin with the ejector seat.

  • I’ve wanted to revisit all of the Bond Films before the release of Quantum of Solace but I’ve only made it up to Live and Let Die.

    I’m surprized Casino Royale isn’t in the lead considering the bias of recencey, perhaps people are going for the old skool fun.

  • Ian

    I had to go with Goldfinger for the laser and the pencil break scene. Though you didn’t put one of my favorites View to a Kill. Which had the awesome Duran Duran song and a young Chris Walken as the bad guy.

  • C’mon – you can’t beat George Lazenby and the emotionla ending to his only turn at Bond….

  • Agreed Jonathan. I love OHMSS, it’s definitely my fave.

  • swarez

    I recently tried to watch the old Bond films but had to give up cause they were boring me to tears.
    Casino Royal is by far the best Bond film, not because it’s new but because it handles the subject matter well, is well acted and never loses itself in cheesy gadgetry.

  • Goon

    Are you a big Bond fan Sean, because I wouldnt guess it by your choices for the list :P

    For me personally though, its Man With the Golden Gun

  • Man with the Golden Gun? I don’t remember much about that one but it seems to be consistently on people’s “worst Bond movie” lists.

    I like Bond a lot but I certainly can’t consider myself a hardcore fan.

  • Matt

    MOOOOONRAKER! jk. Casino Royale, of course.

  • Primal

    I’m not a huge James Bond fan, but I’ve trying to catch up on the older films. I recently saw Dr. No, From Russia with Love, Goldfinger, and Diamonds are Forever for the first time in the last couple weeks.

    I didn’t love any of them, but liked them all to an extent. I really like From Russia with Love and probably think has my favorite opening credits sequence of all the Bond films I’ve seen.

    Other than these films, I’ve only seen all the Brosnon and Craig Bond movies, so I have alot of catching up to do.

    What would be a more difficult list is putting a top 10 hottest Bond babes.

  • Greg

    Anyone who hasn’t seen On Her Majesty’s Secret Service needs to see it before making a vote. It’s the best Bond film as far as story is concerned.

    I’ve seen all the Bond movies and I’ve liked as many as I didn’t, but OHMSS is hands down better overall.

  • Liz

    I do genuinely think that Casino Royale is the best one. It has the right mix of action and romance and Craig is the only Bond since Connery himself who you can actually believe has a license to kill. Everyone else tends to do okay with the action part or the romance part of the role, but none of them actually fit both sides of the character terribly well. Roger Moore might be the worst for this since he always acts like his secret agent duties are getting in the way of his sex life.

    Despite my reservations about Moore, Live and Let Die was my favourite one when I was growing up. Revisiting it in the last few years with more critical eye made me realise how ridiculously racist the entire film is, though. I enjoyed The Man With The Golden Gun quite a bit (Christopher Lee is fantastic in it), as well as any of the Connery films. On Her Majesty’s Secret Service is a lot better than people give the film credit for.

  • Daniel Craig is awesome, but I liked Bond when he was less real and more of a hard drinking floozy.

    If you don’t have time to watch all the James Bond movies before Quantum of Solace comes out, I found a bunch of the old trailers here:

  • Goon

    “Man with the Golden Gun? I don’t remember much about that one but it seems to be consistently on people’s “worst Bond movie” lists.”

    I haven’t heard that, maybe some of the Connery die-hards who want to pick on Moore would say so, but I vehemently disagree. As far as imdb scores its mid to high for Bond movie scores (the average is around 6.7 – 7)

    the most universally panned Bond films are Moonraker and Die Another Day.

  • I love Bond and, as with Reed, have seen all of the films. My favorites are the first six (Dr. No through On Her Majesty’s Secret Service) excluding Goldfinger, the two Dalton ones, Goldeneye, and Casino Royale. I’ll watch A View To A Kill for Christopher Walken, but I’ve never liked Rogert Moore’s portrtayal of the character or the silly nature of his entries into the franchise. Yaphet Kotto inflating like a balloon when shot with a bullet filled with compressed air or something? A bunch of circus performers helping Bond storm a bad guy’s compound using acrobatics and a hot air balloon? Bah!

  • ProjectGenesis

    Per usual, no love for “Licence to Kill”—I mean its not like the summer of 1989 had a lot of popcorn movies to go see or anything. The movie is AWESOME. Robert Davi PWNS as the villain. If that wasn’t enough, you have Wayne Newton as a crooked Televangelist! I swear this and Fletch Lives (with its fake preacher scene) made me an atheist at 12.

  • woobagooba

    goldfinger is my favorite bond movie. i like the old ones more than casino royale.

  • charlie

    I could not belive it when I was reading the Times (uk) Newspaper when it said OHMSS was one of top bond movies. It is a fun movie but too silly and over the top like all of Pierce Brosnan’s stuff. I am not anti him but who ever wrote his stories was well off the plot.
    I am a young man but I was being shown the classics by my father while I was in my cot. Daniel Craig is great, not just beacuse of him but beacuse the director and writers have got it back to something we can belive.
    I was never a fan of changing M (I know they had to but I am old school) but in the latest movie she is great, QS is in the top 3 for sure.

  • marathonthedude

    saw Quantum of Solace and must say it’s something special, everything i deem a Bond film should be; has a greeat feel to it. However, multiple viewings are always required to consider it the best or even in the top five, but safe to say it has earned the latter.

    Hmmmm 1. Goldeneye
    2. Live and Let Die
    3. Octopussy
    4. Quantum of Solace
    5. The Spy Who Loved Me
    6. The World is Not Enough
    7. From Russia with Love
    8. Goldfinger
    9. Dr. No
    10. Casino Royale (because even though I didn’t care for it was still well made)

  • alexpc

    I don’t no why, maybe because it was the first Bond I ever remember seeing, but I would have to say that *License to Kill* is my favorite. It was 80’s, Bond went rogue and it has more action than any of the others. I might just add that in my opinion all of Pierce Brosnan’s Bond films are an incredibly entertaining, and with the ability to put more special effects into them than the previous films they pack better stunts and cooler gadgets (mostly unbelievable ones though). – To me they seem sleeker. On a finishing note I would also like to state that having seen Quantum of Solace (which is actually based on one scene Ian Flemming wrote in one of Bond’s adventures.) I think it is just an extension on Casino Royale, meaning it should have been called Casino Royale Part 2: Quantum of Solace. Written by Alex.

  • kga


  • knucklberrysandwich

    Casino Royale? The book by Fleming, maybe? But the movie? This poll was obviously not answered by James Bond Enthusiasts. These are probably the same people who watched Austin Powers and thought it wasa coincidence that James Bond and him were both spies and had multiple girlfriends. How about some love for the originators.

  • Wyatt Patterson

    OK, here are the pros and cons of the first four Bond movies (the really great ones)

    DR. NO:
    Pros: Sean Connery, Ursulla Andress, Tropical Locales, Music, Lack of Gadgets, Realism
    Cons: Slow pace (occasional), weakish villain

    Pros: Sean Connery, Daniella Bianchi, Music, Realistic gadgets, tension, good villains
    Cons: consistent slow pace, weird villain (lotte lenya), boring locales, plot too close to North by Northwest

    Pros: Sean Connery, Bond elements, tension, GREAT villains
    Cons: tilly masterson (only in a few scenes), kentucky locale is boring, Sean Connery downplayed by gadgets.

    Pros: Connery, locales, Bond elements
    Cons: weak villains, bond elements overplayed, slow pacing consistent

    Overall, with all the pros and cons weighted out, Dr. No stands at the pinnacle of the Connery Bond films (in my opinion).

  • Robert R. Lazar

    This is hardly of desperate importance to me, but I have to register my amazement at the devotion to From Russia With Love. It had its moments, but all told it was one of the dullest, dumbest, slowest flicks I’ve ever seen.

  • Mark Moises

    My favourites (as of 2010):

    1) Licence to Kill
    2) View to a Kill
    3) Moonraker
    4) Never Say Never Again
    5) The Living Daylights

    They aren’t technically the best films, but I think they are the most fun. And unlike Daniel Craig, the older guys were all likeable. Connery got more charismatic as he got older, Dalton was believeable but still likeable, and Moore had a touch of class and humour.

    My only criticism with some of these films is that they drag on towards the end – a chronic problem with the Bond series. The new films are much better in that sense, but Craig is so darned dislikeable I end up wanting HIM to get bumped off. The old Connery ones are just a bit too old fashioned for my taste now I’m afraid, but they are class.

  • Alikah

    A view to a kill…. why did u leave it out??!??