Notorious Trailer Starring Gravy, Derek Luke and Anthony Mackie

This week we have our first look at the upcoming Notorious B.I.G. biopic (called simply Notorious) in the form of a fairly rough teaser trailer. You may recall the worldwide casting call that was put out last year to find someone who could play Biggie; well the role ended up being filled by Brooklyn rapper Jamal Woolard (aka Gravy). The movie also co-stars Derek Luke as P. Diddy, Anthony Mackie as Tupac, and Naturi Naughton as Lil Kim.

Looking at this teaser trailer, it’s pretty hard to get much from it in terms of the movie’s look and feel. Gravy can certainly pass for Biggie, I’ll give him that. For the most part though, this just seems like a music video, and although I think the story is one worth telling, I have to wonder if that’s what the majority of the movie will end up being. Any Notorious B.I.G. fans out there? Do you think this movie will be as successful as 8 Mile or Get Rich or Die Tryin’? More importantly, will it do his legacy justice? Notorious is currently scheduled to be released on January 16th, 2009.

Update: You can see a better quality version over at Yahoo!.

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  • Joel

    I don’t know about ya’ll, but I am totally down for this movie. I’m a big Biggie fan. Even if it’s bad, I’ll probably enjoy it.

    The guy who plays Puff Daddy (Puffers?) looks good.

  • Ryan M.

    Agreed Joel, Biggie was way better than Pac (who I don’t like at all).

    Gravy (seriously? this motherfucker named himself after a condiment!?!) looks and sounds right. The beginning of this trailer looked like shit but the rest was solid.

    Hustle & Flow is the rapper movie to beat (even though its complete fiction) and I remember thinking the trailers looked like they were made by a Generatron-3000 so this may be ok.

  • Rick Iaeger

    Sweet! Gravy’s in this! RRRRRRRad. who the fuck is gravy?

  • AdamM

    It’s too soon. Not in a “we haven’t gotten over the tragedy” sense, but in an “it’s going to feel like a VH1 movie” sense. Ever seen Too Legit: the MC Hammer Story? Like that. Give it ten more years and you might get Jamie Foxx to put on 200lbs. for the role.

  • Tasha Jayne

    Thiss Is 1 Great Filmm! It Made Cry, Knowing That Biggie Smalls Died 4 Nothing! :(
    Like Biggie And Tu Pac! More Of A Fan 4 Bigie!!!
    His The Greatest!