The Strangers 2 Moving Ahead

Bryan Bertino’s The Strangers was one of this summer’s pleasant surprises (depending on your definition of the word “pleasant”, I suppose), and as far as horror movies go, it was one of my favourites so far this year. I kind of wrote it off initially because it was just supposed to be an American remake of the French film Ils (although there are plenty of similarities, it didn’t turn out to be the case), and also because it starred Liv Tyler. However, I found the minimalist style both eerie and effective, and although I felt thoroughly beat up by the end, it’s safe to say that the movie did its job quite well. Even Liv Tyler made a believer out of me, and also apparently the folks at Rogue Pictures, who were so pleased with the film that they’ve now greenlit a sequel.

When a movie costs $9 million to make and it grosses $55 million, I guess it’s just simple math really. Bryan Bertino is currently writing the script, which will once again star Liv Tyler along some of the same antagonists, although I’m hoping there will be a new spin on it… perhaps a revenge flick? Bertino is not yet confirmed to be directing the sequel, however, since he is also planning to direct two new thrillers, Black and Alone. Here’s to hoping it will hold up to the original.

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  • Matt

    Haven’t seen this movie, but never quite understood what people had against Liv Tyler. I thought she was always very pretty and did a fine job in every movie I saw her in. I even had a thing for her when I was younger. So if people have complaints against her, I am genuinely interested in reading them.

  • I thought this was pretty good, but a sequel is probably not necessary. I’d like to see what else he can do.

  • A sequel will likely be a complete rehash of the original. There is only so many directions that you can take this story.

  • MR.MAN


  • i think a sequel would be VERY nessecery-especially a revenge sequel! every horror flic that has the killer get away at the end, should ALWAYS have a part 2 to finish what the first one started… i mean, WHO HONESTLY wants the killers to get away w/ murder when they left behind tons of clues to as who did it,for example fingerprints,liv tyler seeing their faces at the end,etc. it would make PERFECT sense to make a revenge sequel… after that, I REALLY DONT GIVE A CRAP.